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the last days of only one child

*sings a made up song* "these are the last days of having only one child. soon there will be twoooooooooo...i should enjoy these last few moments of one child because all too soon there will be twooooooooooooooo" sorry about that, just keep reminding myself that all too soon there won't be a single moment of my day that isn't devoted to at least one tiny human depending on me for survival. so i've been trying to devote some special time to my favorite little boy because I want him to know that he's still my favorite little man even after the new baby comes to usurp his baby throne. It's been a rough few days with him though, very fussy, very prone to fits, it's like he knows...and he probably does. Today after two hours, I finally got him to take a nap with daddy, so both of my men are currently snoring away this beautiful afternoon.

With these few moments, I decided to post a little bit of new Lukas picspam, mostly a few cute pictures that I'd been meaning to upload to send to the grandparents.

And in baby update, bag for the hospital is now packed with the exception of the last minute toilettries (hairbrush, shower stuff, and tooth stuff) including my last minute addition to remember to pack the breast pumps for all that fun breastpumping times lol. While I'm not going to attempt to breastfeed exclusively this time due to the disappointing lack of milk production, I do still plan on pumping every last ounce that my body does make in order to give Sage any natural antibodies that I can. It may not be the gift I want to give her, but I'll give her the best that I have.

On to the pictures!

1. Cold day at the park, but we grin nonetheless

2. Same day, sliding backwards because that's how he rolls

3. Still my daisy boy :)

4. Different day, different park, looking like a force to be reckoned with

5. And our newest playtoys: mama's clothes including the fun of walking in oversized shoes
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