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too tired to write

still no baby :)...feet hurt :(....very tired.....darn i want this baby out so bad that i even agreed to give up some sex to Jason tomorrow night (rofl) just in case that chemical in sperm will activate the labor :) hehehe....aren't i terrible? (of course the reason for wanting the baby so badly right now is that work is refusing to schedule me or even let me pick up shifts until I have the baby because they are squeemish that I'll go into labor at work....those chicken shits)

one thing to remember for myself later, apparently while at his grandma J's today, lil Lukas was playing with the windchimes and counted off all by himself, "one, two, tree".....my baby is so gifted!

ok, off to cook the pot pie, too tired to even go through journals to read and comment, but i love you all! (and sidenote, devvie I saw that you've been feeling very ill and achey :( hope it gets better soon hun. and my dearest wickles270, been reading the journal and love love love the picture of you guys at the toy store as well as all the other photojournalism pictures you sent. they are all so beautiful! I miss you and hope to have some good news for you soon *huge hard hugs*)
Tags: flist love, lukas, sex, work

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