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Toddler time

Still no baby yet, but I still maintain that I think she's coming tonight, tomorrow, really really soon....unless she's already trying to make a liar out of me, which is of course not only possible but likely. Worked my last scheduled shift for the week yesterday and felt dog tired, achey, crampy and ready to drop by the end of it.

Today mom came down so that we could go get a toddler bed for him. You have never seen a child so freaking excited about anything. He wouldn't even let us get it all put together before trying to climb all over it, and as soon as it was done, he was launching himself on it, jumping up and down saying "my bed! my bed!" I'm really hoping that this is the change he needs to get out of our bed. We'll be testing that theory tonight, though I'm sure it will take a week or so before the transition is easier. Everything seems to be ready now, or at least we can hope.

Lukas is always so happy when Grandma is here, he just sits in her lap and grins at her or runs around showing her everything that he's learned since the last time he saw her. Sadly, we were shopping during his normal naptime, so he's running on empty at the moment. He is, however, still literally running. *grin*

Okay, that's all I can muster for now, I'm really tired, full from dinner, and feeling like a relaxing bath or shower is in order. blech!
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