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*sigh* so yeah, needless to say, still no baby. I was really hoping she'd come this week so that I wouldn't miss too much work and because I was hoping that I'd be able to see the play Avenue Q on Saturday with my mother. I guess if all else fails and she's still not here, mom and I will travel the few hours to see the play with hopes that she at least holds off that day before coming. All of these last few weeks of pregnancy would be easier if they could tell you a day that the baby is actually coming instead of staying up at night thinking "Is this it? Are these the real contractions I need to time or can I just roll over and get my sporadic sleep?" I never was one for waiting or surprises, always been more of the planner. I like punctuality darn it!

I've been nauseaus a lot lately, which I was hoping was a forebringer of labor, could just be nerves too I guess.

Mom was here Tuesday and part of Wednesday helping us to get ready for the baby. And the blessed woman actually spent hours on Wednesday constructing a diaper stacker for me out of some old jeans that were on their way to Goodwill. Made me feel lazy watching her handsew it all, but unlike quilting it's not really something two people can sew on at the same time. I must say though, while it's not those cutesy ones they sell in stores (though unfortunately don't seem to sell around here) it is quite the awesome function piece of necessary layette equipment. I didn't require one for Lukas mostly because he was the only baby and because with the first child, things seem to stay where you have put them. With him running around like a toddler tornado, pulling stacks of diapers off the changing table, however, it became tantalizingly evident that I needed a handy place to have diapers accessible to me but not the little monkey. So now my fabulous home constructed diaper stacker is hanging above the changing table, now stocked with newborn diapers, some size 5 regular diapers and the awesome pullups. Let's take just a moment to worship the fabulous invention of pullup diapers please. THEY ARE THE MOST AMAZING FANTASTMIGORIC INVENTIONS EVER! Seriously. I have never known more joy than being able to change Lukas with those. And the best part? He hasn't figured out how to take them off yet. Muhahahahaha.

Today feels like a super duper attack house cleaning day. I have the a/c on, so I'm feeling worlds more energetic than I felt yesterday with the heat, and the house resembles a war zone. And oh yes, the war shall be on. I already discovered Lukas's secret disgustingly discarded bottle stash that I'd been trying to find for the last month. It's been quite alarming to see the bottle count dwindling with no obvious stashes, but this morning with the help of Lukas and the kitty Psyche, we discovered that there is a scary world of fermenting bottles under my bed. You would have thought I would have found them before, but this kid is crafty and had hidden them in cubbyholes under there that I always missed. So fear not, a lot of sanitation and scrubbing shall redeem them. Luckily only two of the bottles are stomach turningly disgusting. Those two may hit the trash if I can't rejuvenate them with some nipple changes and severe scouring.

What else, what else......uhm....the plan to have Lukas sleep in his own bed is actually going quite well. He adores having his own miniture place to sleep. The first night he slept a couple of hours before waking. Daddy sat on the floor beside the bed and rubbed his back to put him back to sleep. He slept a few more hours before Daddy had to resort to holding him in the living room for the remainder of the night. I was thankful that J didn't give in and just bring him to bed with us, thereby negating the whole process. Yesterday was nap day #1 with the new bed, and Lukas slept a glorious hour and a half in his own bed, waking after the first hour but allowing me to rub his back and fall back to sleep for a bit longer than another half hour. Last night's sleep in his bed went for a little longer than 3 hours before Daddy had to hold him in the living room again. Were Daddy not so tired himself, I think we could have gone about 6 hours in his own bed. I'm looking forward to nap time today, really hoping that he'll make it about two hours today. Another positive step is that instead of getting out of the bed and running to ours, Lukas actually just sits in his bed and cries until we come to him. It's quite amazing how well he is doing compared to our experiments with the crib. I have great hope and faith that in about a month, Lukas will be completely adjusted and sleep just as well in his "big boy bed" as he was in ours. Sure, there may be some rough nights, but overall I think he will adjust well to the change.

In part, the change was necessary just so that he'll get more sleep once Sage arrives. If he was still sleeping in our bed, he'd wake every few hours with his sister. That kind of stuttering sleep is hard enough on the parents that have to deal with it, much less expecting a toddler to adjust well to it. It was also necessary because I can't imagine trying to deal with both of the lil ones awake and crying at the same time....guess we'll just have to work on it.
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