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yeah yeah, shush, I know I'm still at home
I was supposed to work a very tortorous 8 hour shift today, but feeling incredibly ill all morning led to the rare event of me calling into work. I had hopes that was some sort of sign that lil girl was coming, but no such luck. So tomorrow I shall head to the doctors appointment and then to work *sigh*

But here's something to enjoy about this never-ending 40th week of pregnancy: lil Lukas poking my belly button or belly and saying "bump" and then laughing like a little devil. This is of course repeated way too many times until he gets rough at which point I say "be nice" and he precedes to chirp and coo while patting my belly as if I was the cat. Some memories are best kept *smile*

I've been doing labor inducing accupressure points today, hoping for any little hasn't worked lol.

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imaginarylove00 From: imaginarylove00 Date: April 29th, 2008 05:25 am (UTC) (Link)
you have to lay down and take one for the team hahahahahaha okay i am very mean. i know. but its supposed to work. hell you dont have to do anything but lay there.
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