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continued baby blues

*stares at computer screen* so yeah, let's have a chorus of "still no baby". Dr's appointment on Tuesday was less than encouraging on baby labor status. Though they said that my uterus was measuring smaller (a good sign that the baby has moved lower in the abdomen) and that I was dilated another cm or so (somewhere between 2 and 3 now), there really was no indication of when the baby will decide to be born. In addition, my insurance will only pay for inducement after I pass 41 weeks or only if the baby is in danger. *sigh* That means that if the nonstress test I take at next Tuesday's appointment shows everything going well that the earliest I'll have an inducement would be May 13th. I keep saying "Surely she'll come before then, surely".

Started yesterday morning with a few hours of painful contractions, but they were very irregular and ended up fizzling out about three hours after they started leaving me with a dull lower ache throb and crampyness for the rest of the day. I walked everywhere I could trying to bring them back stronger, but no go. It's like she wants to stay in there forever. I never thought I'd be in my 40th week of pregnancy saying "Where's the baby?" and the longer it goes the more risk of having to have a c-section which I want to avoid at all costs. So yeah, still no baby, still hating pregnancy, so ready for tasteless nonfilling hospital food.

In other news, the Kentucky Derby is Saturday, yay!! Here's hoping I get to watch it, I'm still planning on making the crackdip (yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum)
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