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doctor's appointment of lurve, we hope?

smallish update, still no baby. Yesterday I felt pretty darn normal, no contractions but hella crampy. This morning I woke to severe back pain and cramps again which led to another hour of uncomfortable contractions that fizzled out during a nap in a rocking chair. I have a doctors appointment at 2, where they will be doing the nonstress test on the baby to check how she's doing in there. I plan to lay the smackdown on them telling them all the nitty-gritty from mucous plug/bloody show to the now prolonged labor with hopes that they will have some sort of solution other than "waiting it out". I've googled as much as I could on this condition which is known as prodromal labor and unless I'm in an extended active labor (having dilated more than 4 cm and/or waterbroke) most experts agree that no harm will come to the baby so the average solution is to let it be. This could all end with induction however if the nonstress test shows any fetal distress or uterine breakdown. My own personal theory? That my body is fucked up and not releasing the proper amount of hormones to do this labor stuff, OR that the baby is in the "stargazing position" putting pressure on the cervix in a way that is slowing labor, OR that the baby is simply to big and yet not yet to come out. We shall know soon enough, after all a promised induction for sure is only a week away and as they say "the baby can't stay in there forever".

and I missed imaginarylove00's b'day yesterday :(....happy belated Sonya! sorry i couldn't give you a baby to join ya
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