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and lo the lord said there shall be induction...eventually

And I'm back from the doctor. The nonstress test didn't show anything unusual on the baby's heartbeat, and I'm only dilated to 3 cm's (about 75% effaced) so all the crampyness and contractions this week have been mostly nonproductive. I could feel her pushing against the baby's head though when she did the manual exam, so the baby is sitting a little lower. They heard everything I had to say but didn't see reason to push the induction up early *sad panda face*. So as of now, I have another appointment for Friday morning to check me and if all else fails, I have an induction scheduled for Monday, May 12th at 5:30 am. Unfortunately, it's with the short stubby handed doctor that is my least favorite out of all the doctor's in the health center. Ah well. Edit: holy crap I was wrong! had the dr's name's screwed up and the doc that will induce is actually my favorite doctor out of the whole group, yay me!

So we know this, unless she finally stops being stubborn, I shall have a baby by the end of May 12th. Come hell or high water.
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