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Voice Post:

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“so, it's me again. I hear that the automatic transcription on my voicepost is a little funky and that it's spelling things a little strangely. So ignore that. For the record, her name is Sage (which is S A G E) Danielle (spelled the normal way D a n i e l l e). And we are calling her Sage. Right now she's sitting semisleepy in my arms. I'm about ready to send her back to the nursery when she falls back to sleep, for her first time today except when they did tests. Then I'm going to take a nice long luxourious shower and finally get to turn on the a/c in here because it's burning up where they have to keep it so warm for the baby and I'm going to rest for the rest of the night hopefully. Take some pain medication and go to sleep. I'm feeling pretty good, I can finally walk now. And I don't feel anywhere near the same kind of pain and stiffness that I felt after giving birth to Lukas. I think the forceps and the vaccumm that they had to use to get him out must have done more damage to me last time than the actual giving birth did, so...Hi big girl, staring at me because I'm talking. Hi baby. She really hates eating so far but since it's her first day I'm sure she'll get over it. She keeps rejecting the bottle. I think she'd be the great breast sucker of the century but I can't. Unfortunately I'm still experiencing low milk production problems. I am trying to pump to get the colostrum started but it's not come out more than three drops after two half hour long sessions of breast pumping. We're still going to try and when my milk comes in, hopefully there will be a little more. So that is it...we're doing well and hope everybody else out there is doing well too. Bye bye!”

Transcribed by: emaleythe

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