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It feels so good to be writing a story again, even one that's not so serious like a fanfiction. I used to sit for hours just typing away, always easier for me to write on the computer, it takes twice as long for me to write something out by hand as it does to type. I find the clicking of the keys conducive to the creative process. Seems to just spur me on to more. Hate making that clicking stop......and something greatly familiar has leapt out of my current story. It has to do with Lyn, the main character in Trial and Error.

Lyn, poor Lyn. Ever since my stories in High school, back when I created to escape the horrors of puberty, I have always written about myself. And when I've written about myself, 9/10 times, the name was Gwendolyn. In high school, she went by Linny, and boy did she go through it. In her first appearance, she was scorned by all those around her and feeling hated, commited the worst crime against self: suicide. She recovered, by means of miraculous EMTs and lived on to regain face. She's been loved, hated, transported to other times, painfully stuck in her own time, and college-bound. I dropped Linny in college, only to find myself writing a story last week and once again turning to Lyn. Strange how you come home.

So keep in mind, Lyn is me, I am Lyn, and Billy? He's just a little bit o' obsession that I had to write in to make the real world go away. Once again, it's good to be home.

Another thing so familiar to me that will probably bother the hell out of everyone is my use of italicized inner voice. I have always lusted to fill a story with the crazy inner dialogue of people. And when I've tried to get away with it, I've always italicized it...call me insane. *long deep breath* Once again, home.
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