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“This is going to be my list of things you ask yourself as you're smoking a cigarette and waiting to go into work. Question no. 1 why would either of us have like 150 to 200 carts just lined up on the outside of the building said they never move cos there's never more than maybe 50 in the store, even at closing time when everything was filled up and where it was supposed to be, so why would we have a 150 to 200 extra carts just sitting around outside just just lined up like their being punished or something, it's very odd, I just don't know. It's just very, very odd and why on the building itself would they have white walls with the brown trim at the top that maybe every 50ft or so they just drop a little line down the wall, it looks really weird like they trying to make it look fake partitioned or something, it's just very strange. One day I shall have to bring a camera and take a picture of this unusual side of this wall with the carts that are lonely and being punished and strange minds just put it on the wall for no good reason. I just find it very odd add that to the sad lonesome cart that's in the middle of parking lot or nobody ever parks because it's the waste land of parking and the half broken down leaning is skew picnic table that I've only ever seen one person sitting at because it's in God's country at the end of the building. I just it's just like a very sad and pathetic little fight and that's all I had to say just leaving the thoughts going through my head.”

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