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hair pics, be kind

ok, pictures of the hair....as a wise friend has just said "at least gray hairs don't show up in pictures". I say, give me an amen! Please excuse the exhausted face about to pop onto your screens behind this cut. And for those who know Ema in SL, I swear to god I did not bring a picture of Ema to the salon, the hairdresser just magically tuned in to the universe and gave me her same haircut...it's eery.

and in other lame news, I still can't get that darn dream from last night out of my head. Now I keep remembering that yesterday at work he was all fake intensely cheerful all day with me and at one point I was talking to a kid customer (like 3 or 4 years old) and I said "how are you doing big guy?" which I say to all the lil kids to make them feel big and important. He was walking by and turned around and said, "I'm doing great, how are you?" and then when I just said, "oh i'm great", playing along, he felt he had to explain the joke to me (as if I didn't get it)....dork. Am I obsessing? oh yeah, totally. It's just disturbing knowing I have to have a performance review with him on Friday and I'll just keep seeing this damn dream. aaaaaaaaaaargh!
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