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Humorscope for today: (thanks to Danu for cluing me in on this site) You will become embroiled in a serious dispute about food. Feelings will be hurt. Bygones will eventually be bygones, but not until you ease off on the Tabasco.

food, schmood. Now for the sentencing!

The bastard will die in jail, it is now official. He received in sentencing today a minimum sentence of 23 yrs, maximum 29 yrs. He will receive three years for time served, however in North Carolina they have mandatory sentences, so there will be no time off for good behavior or any kind of parole.

Let's all bow our heads, "Please keep us all safe, so that no one will ever have to go through this. Thank you the powers that be that justice was served. Thank you for the strength that carried us through. And thank you for allowing me the knowledge that the bastard will die in jail. Blessed Be.
Tags: about me, funny shit to make me laugh, rape

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