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the weight loss journey thus far....

so in this great effort to reach some dietary and weight goals for myself. I have been doing some research (when I have the time *snorts with laughter* time? what's that?) and have found a lot of useful information. So far I've calculated where I want my goal weight to be and calculated my current numbers on bmi (which though scary, is better than it used to be). Working from several different sources I was able to make an educated guestimation of the calories I need to maintain my weight at what I consider a pretty sedentary lifestyle and the figure of what I should take in in order to lose weight. While doing all that in the last week or two, I've begun to consider the foods that I have been eating and tried to make healthier choices when preparing the home meals. With that said, I've strayed far over the path from healthy by still consuming entirely too much sweets, colas, and fried foods out of convenience. So today I started trying to look up information on food diaries and calorie counts. This presents a problem. There seems to be so many different sources out there and I'm not sure where to turn. I think my best choice would be finding a way to journal on paper for when I'm away from home (visiting, work, etc) and then also having an online diary. My hope is that I can find a free online food diary that can help with tracking or inputing the calorie counts. I'm not sure one exists, but surely there is one.

I hate to input any of my number crunching until I can truly start my diet change and tracking, but in order to preserve the progress so far, I am putting them here. As my best friend has said in her own body change journey, sometimes the best way to make yourself accountable is to post the journey for all to see, failures and successes combined.

Yesterday I went shopping with my parents for shorts because I've gained so much weight over the last 7 years that I couldn't fit into any of the few pairs of shorts that I own. I found out that while I fit in an XL shirt it shows a bit too many rolls for my taste, and I was able to wear size 18 shorts but again too tight for maximum comfort. Therefore I'm putting my beginning clothing sizes for this journey at XXL and size 20W. Makes me sad, but it's an improvement to the 22-24's and 2XL's that I have been wearing. I still need to borrow a clothing tape measure in order to do body measurements, but at least I have a little something to go by.

Therefore, my to do list for the start of this journey includes:
1. tape measure for current body measurements
2. Pictures of full body to compare to
3. Site of information for accurate calorie counting
4. Find online food journal (necessity that this be free) or at least a good site on making my own
5. Implements with which to accurately measure food
6. Set small and long term goals and rewards in writing in order to motivate

That's all of them that I can think of at the moment, but may have to add to that list as time goes by.

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