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mini update

Man I tell you that I've had a least a million entries in my head for the past week, all of them half composed either in here, on scraps of paper, or even just rumbling around in my head. Unfortunately, like most of everything else that I would like to accomplish, it all sat untouched while I ran around with the kids, sleep, and work. Hopefully, these few moments I'm grabbing while the toddler sits and the infant lays satiated, will be enough to partially get some of the thoughts that I've been going through.


Lukas has been working on his vocabulary lately and we've had some fun with that. He's getting his parts of the body committed to mind with some humorous results. We've only worked on the basics but he really loves his belly, feet, and eyes. Eyes so much that he occasionally becomes overzealous in pointing them out and attempts to gouge out his own and others' eyes. He has also discovered the word "hat" and says it very Lukaslike with drawn out vowel and well emphasized hard "T" sound at the end. He says the "t" with an almost theatrical pause and crisp clear "tah" sound. It's quite cute. In Teletubby land (which I swear that one day you shall read an entire entry on the land of tubby show), Lukas has begun to sing his own version of the themesong. He almost always sings one character ahead, playing a bit of a preemptive back and forth song with me. So I sing "Tinky-winky!" answered with "deetee" (spelled phonetically). I will continue to sing and am answered. Sounds a bit like the following:

Lukas in italics

He does name Tinky-winky at other times though by the name "Teetee". I think the renaming of Po as Bo amuses me the most.


In other words, I finally had my performance evaluation at work and was given a tiny $0.21 raise. Yay me, I suppose.


and weight stuff...*sigh* that's an entry for later.
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