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It's not a diet!

my mother came to visit today, with my new nephew and his mother (yay for meeting new people in the world). She called on the way over, planning on bring lunch from Wendy's and wondered if she should bring a salad since I'm on a diet. Something about that word just makes my skin crawl, so it sent me into a bit of venting. "It's not a diet!" I tell my mother, "It's a life change and a better way of eating." To further make my point, I turned down the salad and opted for a baked potato and a Jr Cheeseburger with lots of veggies. It still made for a formidable calorie crunch but a much more manageable one than I would have picked in the past. And I'm proud to say that my logging of food has gone well today, my choices for drinks, snacks, and breakfast have gone well and I am currently well under my goal for the day.

In addition, I made a conscious effort to play extra hard this morning with the toddler, opting to run around the house (actually running) throwing and chasing the ball, which made me feel closer to that exercising goal I've promised to start working on. All this in hopes that if I keep it up this week that I'll receive a reward in some actual weight loss this week. *fingers still crossed*
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