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Humorscope for today: What ever you do today, don't panic. Remember to bring a towel. Government bureaucracy figures heavily in your life, soon.

Could there be a truer statement on today? It's raining like a gail storm out there, so i definitely needed that towel. I've had my shoes off all day trying to dry them out. And the government? Hell I deal with them everyday, but especially today when I've been on the phone with HUD from all over the grand east coast. guess it's just one of those days.

*sigh* I need some QUALIFIED applicants because I totally need some move-ins badly. Everytime I turn around someone else is handing me a thirty day notice, and I can't even get the people who qualify to stay on the waiting list long enough to get the apartment ready. Course, that's because they don't bother to apply until they are 1 week from eviction, etc. Like I can even get them approved in one week, much less moved in.....grrrrrrrrr

rain sucks....so does this job....
Tags: rant, work

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