looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
looking for the exit

notes to self so far

-thinking early september 2010, checked history of weather and seems like least rain and not as overheated.
-still want outside, but have thought a nice twilight, early evening time might be beautiful with just the -right lighting and dress (would have to pop)
-might be nice to have a faux gazebo of sorts, a diy sort of deal. if day, some kind of nice vine/flower/1920's kind of look. if early evening, same but with string of lights (can you find battery powered lights?)
-lighting for twilight would necessitate candles, solar polared aisles lights (really like those moonstone like ones that jason's parents have), something with glow....might be tricky but again would be so glittering and perfect
-seating??? stand for very short ceremony? rent chairs? unsure...

-no real surprise here, i want natural, beautiful, fairy enchanted movie like...the Susan kind of perfect fairytale princess wedding.
-very small and limited guest list. family of course, including extended (though who knows who actually will show), small list of friends (Susan: catherine & wolf & family, stephanie(sic), sonya, christian, chris s. & family, anngee?, kim (i really need to call her, i am such a bad friend)?), coworkers? (uhm...maybe? like the ones i like, not ones i tolerate, though as long as i'm getting presents does it matter ...rofl, i kid...but no really i don't lol....),and whoever is conducting the darn thing.
-flower girl MUST wearing fairy wings, and some sort of adorable almost elflike dress...can't stop thinking of the combo of purple and green...though if the wedding is early september, then the color needs to be richer rather than paler....
-might have to subject all wedding party members with something fanciful like wings, or beautiful flowered hair pieces, veil-like material down hair...something beautiful, feminine, and strong
-pagan like:religion light; not to be confused with the absence of religion. in fact, would like there to be the presence and mention of God...just my God, not necessarially there's....absolutely NO reading of that whole "love is patient, love is kind" passage, i simply can not take hearing that again.
-dress to be detailed below

-jason? who knows, but it darned well better be handsome and comfortable...we'll have to work on it
-flowergirl listed above....
-women attendants should wear what they are most comfortable in, though we may have to go with a color...should make it a simple one that everyone is beautiful in...as noted earlier, there will have to be a unifying sparkle item to be decided upon later
-ring boy??? dunno yet
-the dress: I've thought about this one for a long time and have dresses in my head...take little bits from all of them and make one amazing dress...sleeves have to be long, slitted but connected at the wrist, elbow, and shoulder, would be nice to have flow with an elongated bell sleeve, can be made of lace, sheer, or silky...bodice could be one of many but it would be prettiest to fall from the bound shoulder, in loose buttery folds. has to be flattering, fitted bodice, leading to slimmer waist...full skirt that flows. no petticoats, but perhaps some layers....if evening wedding, the fabric has to be overlaid or inset with silvery threads and little gems or pearls to catch the light and sparkle like a star (would be so fucking beautiful)...color could be creamy, antiqued white or nice silvery one. thought about colored panels like in underskit but not sure....i don't know where this dress exists other than behind my eyes, but i will find a way to have it.

Wedding Party
Matron of honor: asked Catherine long ago and still hopes she will be by my side.
Other Attendant: Sonya, if she'll have me and can be there;
Man of Honor:? but Austin needs to be in the ceremony somewhere, so here or as a second attendant
Ringbearer: Lukas, has to be....god help us if he throws the ceremony *grin*
Flowergirl: Sage, the very pixie herself....hope she has hair by then
Ushers: hopefully no need of any

-need to keep fall colors and summer: sunflower yellow,burgundy, dusty rose, plums, burnt oranges...
-i want gads of them! can be as simply as ferns to roses
-thinking perhaps a simple bouquet of long stemmed blackeyed susans or sunflowers with astors and babies breath....if night need something bright or silvery to go with theme

-is it tacky to go pot luck with some catered?
-definitely need drinks for my family lol
-could bypass a full meal and go with cake and drinks? some finger food? (but don't you hate those weddings when you go all day and the cheapos won't feed you? at least this one would be a relaxed and quick ceremony wedding)
-cake: been watching too much ace of cakes or not enough because i want tiers, flowers, and how awesome would those nice jeweled ornaments of those metal hangers be? the topper has to be my mother's topper...it's family history

-old ella fitzgerald jazz, classical, rock, interesting mix courtesy of perhaps maybe only an ipod lol
-though wouldn't it be nice to have just a record player playing some old instrumental jazz for the official dance?

-hired out baby! plus as many as my friends and family could possibly take....though i need a professional to capture those fantasticly framed candids

-honestly I love the idea of a reception under a lighted tent in the field, but parking would be unavailable...so who knows?
-music, food, fun
Tags: wedding

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