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Christmas Shopping...oh woe is me :D

What a crazy but good day off I've had today. Wrote the newsletter for work, stayed up super late last night playing a video game, got a little sleep, but have gone all day long. The kids have been eccentric and all over the place, but they managed to sit nicely and play two board games with me before jumping and climbing on their daddy like he is a jungle gym. I got to play a sword-stabbed victim for them repeatedly, as they think it most fun to play the ol' stab ya in the armpit trick as you groan out your deathly complaints. Went Christmas shopping with mom so that she could wrap up the pressies for the kiddos in the family. She actually managed to spend quite a lot less this year than in years' past which is great! Gives me hope since I did the unthinkable this year and have put off all shopping. Thank god for a wishlist so that I can start ticking off some of these presents slowly. I'm jealous of my self from last year where I was all finished before Thanksgiving and only had to watch sales so that I could rack up price differences when they popped up. This year I get to frantically scramble with all the other folks fighting for the same darn Silly Hair Lalaloopsy doll because my daughter has deemed it one of her expected "must haves".

Sage is such a sweetly odd little girl. Unlike her brother who will flat out tell me that he wants "this one real bad, and this one kind of", Sage will just tell me a huge list and then claim she loves it all equally. Makes it very hard when shopping for her because I hate seeing a lil disappointed face when I miss getting the toy she wanted the most. So with Sagey, I have to be tricky and watch for her cues, because she always has a tell. For my girl, the tell is usually just being perceptive enough to listen to every conversation she has for months because inevitably she will start dropping in a repetitive sentence like "When I get my puppet, I'm gonna need you to help me make her" or "Santa IS going to get me my muppet and I'll be soooooo happy". When I hear her repeating this same toy with a definitive air in her words, I know that that's THE toy. That's the one that when she unwraps it she'll dissolve into a girly mess of giggles, smiles, and hugs....and when it's all said and done, that's the only present I really need to get. Last Christmas I started getting it right, when I was told repeatedly that she was going to have a unicorn pillow pet. Sure I got other presents too, but she didn't notice. As soon as she opened the pillow pet she hugged it, ran off to love it and ignored the rest of the big pile of toys waiting to be discovered under the Christmas wrap. It took hours to get her to finish unwrapping the rest of her presents. Same thing with her birthday this year, when THE toy was a walking puppy toy. I was told over and over again that while she wanting the world (seriously, the almost 3 yr old made an 89 item wishlist! born shopper *headsmack*), she couldn't wait to show off her walking puppy. So I made sure she got that walking puppy and got to see her just have a party of expressions when she opened it. That one she wouldn't even let me get out of the box before she ran away to love on it. lol! So this year, it's the Make your own Muppet Puppet from the Fao Schwartz line at Toys R Us and the Silly Hair LaLaLoopsy doll. Mom has the Muppet covered as of today and I've got my designs on that doll as of tomorrow. Let's hope my baby isn't disappointed, because if I can't get this darn hard to find doll, Momma will NOT be paying exhorbent prices on Ebay.

What's else on Christmas shopping plans? Upgrading a video card for Austin's computer so that he can play his Christmas present from my mom (Skyrim on the PC, sooooooooooo jealous), a few tactile toys for my nephew, Leapster Explorer games for both the little ones (because we're a Leapfrog family till death yo!), some assorted dress up stuff, play doh, a new family board game (thinking it might be the Guess Who game time), a first Lego set for Lukas (is it already that time *sigh*), and a bevy of special presents for the older family members. I'm most excited to give the Grandparent's their gifts! I had this brilliant idea inspired off the kid's school fundraiser to have them draw a special picture a piece with their own signature on them. We then scanned them in and have created some awesome CafePress things for the family. We have them mounted on magnets for the uncles and on tile coasters (that we will be putting a picture hanger on) for the grandparents. It's so sweet and captivates them at this age perfectly that I know a few grandparents that are going to be just a wee bit teary. *huge grin*

Well, being fussed at for "more water" by my super sleepy and starting to be whiney duo....so off to be mommy again.
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