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Day 3 and I'm amazed....

Okay, so it's day three of "Get rid of weight and diabetes" plan and all is well. Did you hear me? All is well! I had some low moments yesterday and today where I found myself crazy sweets and bread sooooooooo badly that it was almost a breaking point. But I gave myself a half a slice of J's homemade artesan bread with dinner and today I slipped and ate a valentine's cookie (but hey, I read the labels on both the cookies and the mini cupcake and opted for the best choice AND I worked out tonight and worked off every last calorie of that damn cookie tonight). However, for the most part, I feel pretty good. For the last two days, I managed to will my way through a mile and a half on the gazelle and hope to at least get that far tomorrow. As for weight loss, I've lost 6 lbs in 3 days, which I find amazing. By the end of the week, I may be looking at some Biggest Loser sized weight loss, at which point I will praise God for his movement in my life. I am amazed at this time around and I'm so freaking proud of myself.


Today was such a yo-yo day at work. It started with a "argh" went to a multi-facated rent, then traveled into a forced response, moved into a desperate plea for help and ended with success and wonderment. This job of mine has the power to send me through just about every emotion and I LOVE it. I do hope to move on to bigger and better, but the job itself is so much more intriguing than what I've done for the last 12 years. It occupies my mind, keeps me busy, and though I complain about it, tends to be more fulfilling than I would ever admit publicly. And did I mention that I freaking love my coworkers? They inspire me, make me laugh, tempt me to rebel, encourage me to be a better worker, and provide enough emotional support that I can't imagine having any other dynamic. My boss lady confuses me but is much beloved. If only we could get rid of the fat man, we'd all be happy. I'm going to call the fat man "Mr. Big" from now on, simply because it makes me laugh. I swear that all I want is to make my company proud. How completely pathetic and geeky of me. But it's still true.
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