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The night where I was smart twice...

I made two very smart choices tonight and I'm proud of myself, despite how easy it was to live with the decision after I made it. Decision #1: The kids were screaming for fast food and it didn't look like either J or I was up to cooking tonight. So the kids wanted Sonic. I looked up the nutritional menu for Sonic, balked at the 1000+ sodium counts and the 700+ calorie counts for just the sandwiches and I said that the kids could have it if J was agreed, but I wasn't touching the stuff. And so I didn't. And I made a big salad and I was fine. The world didn't stop turning! It's amazing, because I do love myself some fast and easy fast food. And yet, simply seeing what I was going to be putting in my body, I just couldn't reconcile that with how hard I've been working.

Decision #2 was made almost by accident. My legs had been soooooooo sore for the last two days after doing my 1.75 miles on Saturday. So I told myself, no matter what, I will walk tonight and so I did. While J went to get dinner, I worked out on the gazelle. I walked the first .2 mile, then I ran, and then I walked, and then I ran and before I knew it, I was at 1.75 again. I feel I maybe could have even made it to 2 tonight, but I stopped hoping I would avoid a bit of the muscle soreness. Maybe I'll go for that 2 tomorrow.

All in all, week one was great for me! I lost 2.4% of my body weight and barring actually being a biggest loser contestant, I am wowed by my progress. I learn more everyday about food and my abilities and I'm feeling more awake and capable than I have in a long time.

Now if I could just get rid of all these colds!

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