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2nd chapter

And I've made a picture for the story!

TITLE: Trial and Error
AUTHOR: emaleythe
RATING: R (Language)/ NC17 (later)
SUMMARY: Dinner and the day after
CONTENT/WARNING: Some swearing/sexual references (later)
DISCLAIMER: This story is 100% fiction. These events never happened. Lyn is a fictional character based in fact.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Thanks to the inspiration of owlgrey , as I adored her Changes fiction so much. And to Billy who makes himself so easy to write and imagine.

Billy led Lyn out to his rental car in the parking lot, and like the perfect gentleman, held the door for her. His debonair air left once they were on the road as he struggled with the narrow and often one-way streets. Lyn sat in the passenger seat giggling as Billy succeeded getting them more and more lost in the city. Despite having lived in this city for a few years prior to this, even Lyn had to admit that they were lost. Finally, Billy just parked the car, threw up his hands, and dropped his head in defeat.

“Alright, so where the hell are we?” Billy turned in the seat to face her.

“Well I may have a concussion, but I think we’re lost.”

“Ah, master of the obvious I see….”

Lyn giggled, “Alright, let me drive, I’ll see if I can get us anywhere near a restaurant.”

Several turns later, Lyn had maneuvered them back onto the main strip headed towards a nice Italian place she remembered. Finding a parking space was more difficult, and after trying to back into the narrow slot three times, Lyn gave up as well.

“Please park this car, because I’m miserable at it” Lyn exclaimed.

Once again, shifting seats, Billy succeeded in backing in perfectly straight.

“Well that’ll do. I told you I could get there,” Billy joked.

“Yes, you are after all the master and commander, right? All those sailing lessons were good for something, eh?”

Billy groaned at the poorly rendered joke and taking her by the elbow, waltzed her into the restaurant.

Busy as the place was, Billy’s fans still managed to spot him through the throng. Lyn stood off to the side, trying to interest herself in the daily specials, but then finally begged to be seated. She passed Billy lightly saying that she was going to go ahead and sit down, but he was so intent on pleasing the fans that he just winked and nodded. She collapsed into the seat, letting all her tension and soreness fall to the seat, and lit up a cigarette. She was staring out the window, hand propping up her chin when Billy walked up.

“So sorry, that seems to happen everywhere now.”

Lyn gave a small smile, knowing had they met under different circumstances she would be the same way as “those fans”. “It’s alright, I understand. Hell, I’ll be asking for your autograph before this night is over.”

Billy laughed, “I’m sure we can manage something better than just an autograph.”

Lyn looked quizzical, but said nothing more. Wonder what the hell that meant? If I wasn’t smart, I’d think Mr. Boyd was being a little flirt.

The rest of the evening went well, only occasionally interrupted by the whispers of “that’s Pippin” and the various star-struck autograph hounds. Billy talked a little of himself, sharing the same old stories about Lord of the Rings that Lyn had already read a million times. Feels like I’m interviewing him for goodness sake. He asked light questions about her, what she did, where she lived, and what she liked. He got a kick out of the fact that she lived in a city called Glasgow and how she had asked the city to have him made the Grand Marshall at their Highland Games.

“Imagine that, a hobbit hosting the big burly men before their caber tossing! Can’t you see the ladies’ reactions?” Billy laughed so hard that people turned to look at them.

Lyn blushed and mumbled, “Well, it was just an idea. Since you’re from Scotland and all.”

Billy reached across the table and touched her arm, “Hey, I was just kidding. It is a good idea. In fact, I’ll look into contacting them myself.”

Lyn looked up at him, “Really? You’ll do that?”

“Sure, I always want to travel. Besides, at least that event makes sense. My publicist has lined things up for me that made no sense at all. What do I have to do with a shoe festival?”

Lyn laughed along, but remembered seeing those pictures float around, and thought that perhaps a few of those were still on her laptop back at the hotel. Note to self, don’t show Billy the laptop.

The rest of the dinner went well, and Billy managed to direct them back to the hotel. Billy walked her back to her room and they stood awkwardly at the door. Lyn opened her door and then turned to look at him.

“I’m…thank you for dinner; I actually do feel better now. It’s been really great meeting you, so much so that I wish it didn’t have to end.” Lyn blushed.

Billy smiled the kindest smile Lyn could ever hope to see. “Well, maybe it doesn’t have to end yet. I’m going to be in town for a few days, if you’re still here we could go around together. I obviously can’t be trusted to drive myself.”

Lyn laughed, “Yeah, we wouldn’t want you to get lost again. Imagine the fans!”

“Well, then, when do you think you’ll be free tomorrow?”

“I…uh, I’m not sure. I might be in …in court tomorrow, but I should be done by dinner time. You could check with me then, if you want.”

“It’s a date. Good luck tomorrow!”

Billy leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and then walked off to the elevator. Lyn blushed, I am never washing that off, and then closed the door. Walking into her room, she found her message light flashing on the phone.

The next day was rough for Lyn. She woke early to the sounds of a street crew jack hammering. Due to the messages she received last night, Lyn knew that the earliest that the courts would need her would be after lunch. Lyn rolled over with a groan, eying the time: 7:30 AM. Lyn fell back on the pillows with a smile and feeling the lump on the back of her head, beginning to reminisce about the night before. Did I really meet Billy? Did he really kiss my cheek? Lest she begin the romance music in her head, Lyn decided to turn on the TV for awhile, while she continued to wake up.

The local news station was on, talking about the gaming conference in town. Lyn’s ears perked up when they mentioned that the guest of honor was a Mr. Billy Boyd and that he would be speaking with them after the commercial. The next five minutes could not move faster for Lyn while she waited for the commercials to end. Then she watched raptly as the news came back on to show the newscaster sitting in a studio beside Billy. Billy was dressed in one of his favorites, an army green shirt with red tulips embroidered on it and jeans. He smiled and waved to the camera and then focused his attention on the questions. God he’s so damn gorgeous! Lyn was lost in her thoughts when she heard Billy answer the question “Have you ever been to Asheville before? Or is this your first visit?”

Billy’s response sent a shockwave through Lyn, “Actually no, but based on last night, I think I’m going to enjoy this visit. There are some great people here, and the mountains remind me of home!”

Such a small comment, but carrying large meaning for Lyn. Lyn stood up on the bed, feeling like a silly teenager, and jumped up and down with excitement. He likes me! Wooooooooohooooooooo! Lyn fell down giggling madly, well that puts a mood change in me.

The rest of the day flew past, and having received a call that the trial would not start today, Lyn was left to her own thoughts and devices. For the rest of the day she waffled between working on her laptop and thinking about Billy and the coming night. It was almost 4:00 when Lyn’s phone began to ring. Rushing over, Lyn answered it at the second ring.


“Yes, may I speak with Gwendolyn?”


“Yes, this is Liz Blair; I’m one of Billy’s assistants. He asked me to call you to tell you that he will not be able to meet with you tonight. His commitments have been extended tonight.”

Lyn’s shoulders dropped and she lowered herself to the bed, disappointment running rampid through her. Before she could say anything, the assistant hung up. Lyn sat with the phone to her ear, listening to the dial tone, before finally feeling the energy to hang the phone on the cradle. Well that’s that.

It was late that night when Lyn heard the knocking on her door. Pulling herself off the laptop, she looked around for something to wrap around her, as she had already changed into her nightclothes. Grabbing her long sweater, Lyn peeped through the eyehole, and seeing that it was Billy, opened the door.

“Mind a late visit?”

“Not at all, come on in. You must have had a busy day!” Lyn tried to hide her disappointment.

Billy sat on the bed and ran his hand over his hair, “Yeah, too busy. I feel like I haven’t had a break all day. I think I must have signed more autographs than ever before.”

Lyn sat beside him, “Well you are quite the popular guy. Or so I’ve heard.”

Billy looked over at her and laughed, “Yah, I’m starting to get the impression.”

Then putting on a guilty child look, “So can you forgive me for ditching you tonight? I’m really sorry, but my publicist had arranged this dinner thing with the local film association here. I had to come up with this impromptu speech, it was really awful.”

Lyn gave him some sideways glances, “Not like I could stay mad at you with that expression on your face anyway…but ok, forgiven.”

“Good! So how was your day, did you end up having to go to court?”

Lyn’s face darkened, “Uhm, no actually, another trial is still trying to finish up. It’s so frustrating waiting for it to start!”

Billy looked concerned, staring at his shoes, “Do you mind if I ask you a question? I mean, ever since the phone messages, I just wondered….”

Lyn took a deep breath; knowing the question already, “Sure, go ahead.”

Billy turned to face her, “What is this court about? Are you ok?”

“Well,.three years ago I was living in this town, and one night, when I was leaving my friend’s house, I was attacked by this man. I thought it was a car jacking, but it ended up being a kidnapping. It was really awful, I got beat up and all, but I did manage to escape. And well, the miracle was, that when I got to the hospital, the man who did this to me was there too! So he was arrested, and now finally, there’s going to be a trial.” Lyn grimaced, but glanced over at Billy to see his reaction.

Billy took it all in, only showing concern. He flung his arm around her shoulders and pulled her into him for a hug. Lyn closed her eyes, trying not to cry. Talking about this event in her life, always brought it back. Billy just kept her in a hug.

“I’m so sorry to hear that Lyn. Even after knowing you just for a day, I can’t imagine anyone hurting you. Hopefully, that bastard will be found guilty. If there’s anything I can do for you, just mention it. I may not be able to take it away, but I am pretty good at distracting people.”

Lyn felt the laugh escape from her, and she looked up and smiled at Billy. Their faces were just inches apart. Lyn felt like she was suddenly drowning in his eyes, so vulnerable. Billy leaned over, Lyn thought he was going to kiss her, but he leaned up and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead. Lyn closed her eyes, feeling his soft lips pressed to her skin and sighed.

Billy hugged her hard again, then released her. “Well, I don’t want to keep you up so late, so I’ll go. But expect my call tomorrow. I told my publicist already to keep tomorrow night free, if that’s good for you?”

Lyn just nodded and walked him to the door. Billy turned around and gave her another big hug, then once again, walked out towards the elevator. Lyn watched him until he disappeared behind the doors, then closed her own. Wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes, she turned back to her computer.

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