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Scottish Phrase of the day....

Because is a wumman's reason. (got from http://www.firstfoot.com/php/scotsquotes )

Isn't that the truth. well any doubts I had about my story and letting people read it is disappearing, I'm hearing such good responses. I'm glad everyone is liking it as much as I am. too bad I'm stuck with where to go next. Guess I'll have to wait until Lyn and Billy speak me true of their characters, I do have a glimmer, they just haven't painted it for me yet. Lyn's dying to explore the rest of the night where we broke off (she's a pervy hobbit fancier after all) and Billy, Billy just keeps telling me to check the courtroom the next day (he wanting to keep the kinky hobbit sex quiet). At least Billy did tell me to leave Ali out of the story, we struggled with that one, but I finally told Billy that I don't think he would be a cheater and I refused to respresent him that way no matter how great Lyn is....so we agreed, for the purposes of this story, Billy is still a hapless bacholor.

If it sounds like i'm insane that I'm talking with fictional characters that I've made up, it's because I am. But I do talk with them, and they do tell me the story, not the other way around.....well, except for the falling off the bed thing. Billy didn't want to admit it, but I knew it happened, could see it plain as day. So cute! Can you imagine lol.

Geez, I'm hungry....guess it would help if I wasn't listening to this song by Tenacious D
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