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Great fun!

Morning all! or in Scottish, Morn aw!

I found the most fun site of the day, it translates whatever you type into the box into a Scottish dialect. For example,

Putting in the phrase: "Billy Boyd is the hottest man on the planet", we get it instantly translated into "Billy boyd is tha hottest cheil oan tha planit!"

Scottish Translator!

Billy Insists!

God this tickles me like nothing else! I'm pasting in quotes from my Billy and Lyn story, and giggling like a freak. Want an example? Here's a bit from last night's tense showdown between Billy and Lyn. Billy said in my story: "Lyn, you’ve got to believe that I was honest with you. And we did get along, but after seeing all that, how am I to believe that you actually like me as Billy and not as “Billy Boyd, actor”. If nothing else, that alone tells me what I must do. I’m sorry Lyn, but….I’m going to go.”

translated, it would sound like this: "Lyn, yoo’ve got tae believe 'at Ah was honest wi' ye. an' we did gie alang, but efter seein' aw 'at, foo am Ah tae believe 'at ye actually lake me as billy an' nae as “billy boyd, actor”. if naethin' else, 'at aloyn tells me whit Ah main div. i’m sorry lyn, but….i’m gonnae gang. "

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