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sipping the hater-aid, hating myself

I just realized how much i suck....i've been reading other people's storys about dom and billy for like two hours....and i suck.....i don't even think i have the energy to write anymore on my own story. It's only enough to make me happy, and yes I shouldn't compare myself to others, but i fucking suck. i don't want to ever write anything again. and yes, i could probably go back and add more to the story, but what's the fucking point? whatever i once had, when i was publishing, and getting awards, i freaking lost. either that, or no one had ever read anything that was actually good before....why am i stuck in this life? why am i stuck nowhere near where i planned to be? because somewhere along the journey, i lost myself, maybe i died. I don't know who i am, and i don't remember who i was.....damn am i down.....fucking hate myself.
Tags: about me, stuff to avoid, writing

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