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Trial and Error, part 5

I apologize for the few day break, writers doubt crept in. I did go back to writing it however, after many cold shower breaks. I must say it's very uncomfortable for me to write about Billy and sex....sheesh...not as easy as it looks....Links for the beginnings are below:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

TITLE: Trial and Error
AUTHOR: emaleythe
RATING: R (Language)/ NC17 (later)
SUMMARY: Lunch, court breakdowns, it finally happens!
CONTENT/WARNING: Some swearing/sexual references
DISCLAIMER: This story is 100% fiction. These events never happened. Lyn is a fictional character based in fact.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Thanks to the encouragement of all and to Billy who makes himself so easy to write and imagine.

Lunch was tense, and Lyn found herself too famished to let her millions of questions to Billy slip out. After finally dissolving the angry pit in her stomach, Lyn allowed herself to finally look up at Billy. He was picking at his food, watching her intently, obviously upset, but not saying anything. Lyn took the chance, and asked a question of her own.

“Why did you come back?” she half-whispered the word, feeling it come out throaty.

Billy glanced down at his plate, then peeked up to her eyes, “Well…I was in the car, sitting at the airport, and I couldn’t stop thinking how wrong everything felt. And I thought about all of it, us, the fun we had, how comfortable and right it felt when we were together, and then I thought about the pictures, the stories, and began thinking I rushed out rashly. The pictures, well, they weren’t anything obscene, you know, and well, the more I thought about the stories, the more I began to think they were funny. I guess the bottom line was that I couldn’t see myself acting differently, were I still unknown. And I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wanted to see you. So….”

“So you stayed,” Lyn felt the smile before realizing she was smiling.

Billy grinned back, “So I stayed….but I still wanted to figure more out, and figured you didn’t want to see me after last night. So I just thought a lot, and then decided to come to the court room this morning. Which…..god, Lyn, I shouldn’t be stressing you out, you’ve been through hell!”

Lyn pushed her plate away, pushing the tears back. “No, you’re not…It’s been hard, but I feel the worst part is over. I least I don’t have to go back on that stand.”

“You did fantastic up there, and you look, well you look freaking great. But I was ready to smash that defense attorney. In fact, the bailiff made me sit down said if I got up one more time that they’d make me leave the courtroom.”

Lyn laughed, but was so touched by his concern. “Really? I never even noticed that.”

“Yah, and seeing your strength. God, I know I couldn’t go through that and hold the kind of composure that you held. Lyn, no matter what, I hope you realize how strong you are, that’s a quality many people don’t have.”

Lyn blushed, “I don’t believe that. Anyone else would do what they had to do, in order to make sure that human filth like that doesn’t run free. I’ve only survived, there’s not much admirable about that.”

Billy sat back, “You’re kidding, right? Baby, people kill themselves every day over situations and things a lot less serious than this. So to survive, and then go beyond that and be able to impart the truth on complete strangers while being beaten down by a bastard like that defense attorney? Dear, you are strong, strong within yourself. I’d hate to get in a fight with you….wouldn’t go past the first round.”

Lyn smiled, secretly noting each term of endearment that Billy had used….Dear, baby, I’m so going to run those through my mind later. “Maybe, but I didn’t do as well as I would have liked.”

Billy chuckled, “I see who your worst critic is.”

They took turns grinning adoringly at each other, before both breaking down in spontaneous laughter. The other restaurant patrons watched the two with amusement, and walking out holding hands, Lyn heard whispers not of “That’s Pippin” but of “Awww, look, they’re in love.” In love? Perhaps that’s true.

Getting back to the courtroom, Lyn felt her wall go back up, emotion held behind her only defense. Billy sat beside her, holding one hand tightly, and rubbing her back with the other. They stood for the judge, and then sat down with a sigh as the jury filtered back in. Watching the case go on without her participation turned out to be even more nerve-racking for Lyn. Each person who got up to testify strayed farther and farther from the path of corroborating evidence. Her heart hung low, as she learned things about the investigation following her ordeal.

The charges had been committed over three county jurisdictions, and each investigating officer got up to tell their part. Each had failed miserably at collecting evidence. The scene of the rape? Wasn’t even visited until a full month after it happed. The assault? Visited three weeks after. Collection of clothing of the defendant? Never happened. Testing the weapon for blood? Never happened. Lyn fell into a slump with each bit, violently recoiling when they presented evidence of having talked to a person claiming to be a witness, who said that Lyn hadn’t been beaten or in distress. Lyn had never even seen this person, and they were lying about everything. Lyn’s distress grew too great, and she got up and stormed out of the courtroom, pushing back the sobs until she had two doors between her and the testimony. She stumbled down the stairs to outside, pulling out a cigarette and dissolving into a broken person.

Billy had followed, and listening to her hysteria. “How can they do this to me? There was never a hotel clerk that saw me, now everyone will think I’m lying. And the police? What the hell?.....I just don’t understand this…I can’t understand….How can they not investigate a crime scene for a month? I gave them everything I could, I described the places, told them every little detail, I just….”

Lyn dissolved into sobs again, Billy pulled her into his chest, holding her tight, “I know, I know, if you want to go home right now I don’t blame you. And everyone in this city should be scared of anything ever happening to them. It’s ok….shhhhhh”

Lyn couldn’t stop; she saw this case ending badly. She couldn’t just sit by and watch her three years of pain, therapy, and emotions not be paid for. She couldn’t sit there and see the man who did this walk free. She was a believer of karma, she did believe that eventually he would get his justice anyway, but she wanted to see him put away on this plane as well. Her feelings of sanctuary and safety demanded it. How would she ever be able to let go, live peacefully, and move beyond if she were afraid of him finding her or of the guilt if he did it again and killed. No, Lyn was suffering thoughts that she might have to see him released from handcuffs.

“The worst part? The worst part is that if I was on that jury, I would already have the reasonable doubt. If I was on that jury, I would set him free.” Lyn cried.

Billy’s forehead furrowed, obviously thinking the same thing. “Look all we can do is wait; you can’t forget that you were a very convincing witness.”

“Yeah, and my testimony is evidence as well….I just wish….there was something else.”

They were back at the hotel; court was finally dismissed for the day. Lyn could think of nothing more than a hot shower and something comfortable. Billy sat on the bed while Lyn showered, letting the hot water stream down her neck and back. The steam soon filled the bathroom, as well as the scents of aloe, sweat pea, and lavender. Billy thought as the stream of smells drifted past his nose, that the smell of soap and showers had always reminded him of a woman. He had always associated it with the smell of home, remembering with a smile living with his sister.

Lyn took a leisurely time getting out of the shower; she toweled off and then just stood in the steamy room. She wiped the myst off the mirror and assessed. Her eyes seemed deadened, she looked tired, aside from the sparkle that appeared when she thought of Billy. She toweled lazily at her hair, spiking it out loosely. Deciding against blow-drying, she changed into a long man styled shirt and loose shorts, slipping into their comfort without a second thought.

When she walked out of the bathroom, she almost could swear that Billy gasped. Her eyes searched his out, and smiled back in response. Billy stood up, took a breath and then hugged her. Lyn could almost swear he held her just a little too tightly against him. She laid her cheek to his chest, listening with a smile to his accelerated heart.

Billy cleared his throat and rasped, “Feel better?”

Lyn shook her head yes, still laying against him.

“Would you mind if I went ahead and showered here?”

Lyn looked up and shook her head no, “Go right ahead.”

Billy was in and out quickly, it felt like she had only just heard the shower go on when it was shut off again. Lyn was stretched out on the bed, one knee cocked up, searching for something on TV. It had been an unspoken understanding that they were just going to stay in tonight. When the bathroom door opened, Lyn glanced over to see a towel-only clad Billy walking toward her. Her heart lurched. Billy walked over and sat carefully on the bed, so close, and leaned in sexily.

“You know, there was something I forgot. I forgot to bring down any clothes, you see I’m stuck in little predicament.” He gestured the towel.

Lyn let out a flirtatious little chuckle. “Doesn’t seem like a predicament to me.”

Billy made a faux naïve face, as if to convey a prissy little “Oh”, but then smiled. “Well seeing as your shirt is pretty man-ish; you could let me wear it.”

Oh, he’s definitely flirting now. “Uh huh. I see. Are you trying to take advantage of me Mr. Boyd? Because if I gave you this shirt, then I would be in a predicament.”

“Hmmm….well what would you do if your shirt got all wet? You’d have to change then.”

Lyn stuttered with laughter, “Well how’s it going to get wet?...Billy! No!”

Billy had tackled her in a bear hug and was rubbing his wet hair and body into her shirt. They wrestled on the bed giggling. Lyn finally prevailed, pulling free of the bed.

“Billy! Now I do have to change!” Lyn said with exasperation, but secretly couldn’t tear her eyes off of Billy’s loosened towel, which only barely was concealing him.

Billy just gave her a loaded smile, “Oh absolutely, we should get you out of these wet clothes.”

Lyn knelt on the bed, scooting closer to him, “That’s the oldest trick in the book, Mr. Boyd. Surely you don’t think I’m as loose as …”

Billy had reached up and silenced her words with a kiss. Lyn felt like she was breathing from Billy. She explored his mouth, feeling her heat rising like steam. Billy shifted positions, and pulled her down, leaning on him. His hands brushed away her wet hair from her eyes, as he sucked on her tongue and her lower lip. Billy loved the feel of Lyn’s chest pressing against him, the way her shirt was sticking to his wet chest. Lyn ran her fingers through his chest hair, feeling his muscled torso. Billy fingered the buttons on her shirt, tracing the outline of the seams. His fingers were replaced by his mouth, as he traced his way along her neck, sliding his lips down the opening. Billy then zeroed his mouth on that sensitive spot between her neck and her shoulder. This was Lyn’s instant jello spot, the spot where her nipples hardened automatically, her hair stood up, her knees gave way and lower she felt that first tingle, like a heated tickle begin. Lyn moaned, and then shifted her weight, rolling Billy over on top of her. Billy caressed up her side to cup her breast, gently rolling his hand around her hardened nipples.

“God, you look so hot Lyn, I couldn’t help myself.” Billy whispered in her ear sending shivers down her.

Lyn tugged at the loose towel, freeing Billy of its confines. All she could mutter was one word, “Billy.”

Billy returned to breathing for her, smothering her mouth with his. Lyn dared to open her eyes during the kiss, and with surprise met his sexy green eyes intently gazing into hers. Sexiest thing ever. Lyn couldn’t help feeling she was in a movie, waiting for the director to call “CUT!” any minute.

Following his fingers again, Billy kissed his way down to her buttons, and slowly undid each one. He kissed his way back up her stomach, lightly licking, taking a breath before spreading the shirt open. He lightly kissed each breast, slowly kneading the mounds in his hands, before taking each one into his mouth, playing particular attention with occasional bites and tugs with his teeth.

Lyn melted, putty in his hands, whimpering and sighing. Billy thankfully, came up to kiss her, wrapping his arm around her under the shirt. Firmly, he nudged her shirt off first one shoulder, then the next, leaving her free for all his ministrations. Lyn slid her hands down to his small but firm ass, pulling him to her closer. Any little space between them felt like an ocean of cold water; where touching, an electric fire. Billy pulled back, obviously not done with his exploration. He gave an easy tug, and with Lyn lifting her hips on the bed, the shorts were deposited on the floor with her wetted shirt. Now completely exposed, Lyn and Billy studied every part of each other’s body.

Lyn pushed him back flat on the bed, and straddled his hips, ran her hands down his chest, stopping to pinch his nipples, then down his lean stomach to a sensitive spot. “You’re so perfect. So soft, and firm.”

Lyn ran her hands over each line, each muscle, exploring as much with lips as hands before slowly taking him into her mouth, eyes locked to his. She waited for his eyes to flicker close before lifting up to lick the entire length of him, slightly flickering the tip with her tongue. Billy’s hip lunged a little at that, and his groans told her to hurriedly return him to her mouth. She rocked her head gently with his hips’ movements, taking a considering time sucking him. She lightly scraped her teeth along his member, causing Billy to bare his teeth, but he encouraged her by tangling her wet hair in his hands. After a time, Lyn rose up and pressed to him, letting him taste himself on her lips and tongue. Billy sucked her tongue into his mouth, making a rhythm of fucking her tongue. Their sighs and groans were the only music.

Billy rolled her onto her back, her legs twining around him, both unable to hold back much longer. He lifted up a little and slowly pushed himself into her, watching her eyes the whole time. It felt right….it just felt perfect. Lyn was so caught up in her emotions. Lyn was sad to say that only a few times in life had sex felt like making love. But with Billy, this time, it was that feeling she had always cherished. When every part of you feels mixed with every part of them, when it truly feels like magic was being created out of them and through them, that was making love. When you forgot what it ever felt like without him inside of you, that was making love. Lyn flowed into Billy, Billy quickening and slowly based on each other’s cues. When Lyn finally released, she was too caught up to notice anything but Billy, she just felt like her heart exploded. They lay together, without moving, without Billy withdrawing from her. Lyn listened to Billy’s heart, knowing hers was beating the same pace.

“You know, one of the coolest parts about being this close to someone is that it’s been scientifically shown that the heart beats slower or
quickens to match each other. Breathing starts to follow the same pace…..makes it seem preordained from people to be together, never alone.”

Billy looked down at her, kissing her forehead. “Absolutely perfect.”

Lyn looked up, “You always were.”

Billy chuckled, but pulled her up into a deep kiss. “I think you are.”

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