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damn it em!

hehe, it seems my friends are more upset than i was about the whole icon thing....but to celebrate my newfound freedom, I will be using my new favorite icon maker ( _iconsofkat ) for today's post, and it is credited.....i still wish they would tell me how they knew they weren't credited, because i'll be damned if i can find any way of seeing that.....

but damn it em, or damn it me, i need to go write on my story some more....all you writers out there, have you ever got near the end of the story and were torn between a happy crappy ending or a more honest sad ending? I can' decide where to go...the material lends itself to both....guess the fingers will decide.

until later all....must write so I can see my girl catherine off on her last night online before she moves down here with me!
Tags: about me, billy, funny shit to make me laugh, icons, random thoughts, writing

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