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I'm feeling so lackluster today. Would have been a great day to take off I suppose. Too much stress makes me a zombie after awhile. I am happy to have finally finished the Billyn story (see what I did there? not Monaboyd, but Billyn ...ah ah...what a smart cookie I am ;) )...I'm not completely happy with it, and believe I'll go back through and flesh it out a little more, perhaps add some scenes, change little parts. I dunno yet....but I'll see....

on the lighter side of life, one of my residents came in telling me that they needed carpet on their stairs. I was like, oh, why's that? So this 70-something year old man starts to tell me how he was coming out of the shower yesterday, and hearing the phone ring, decided it would be a good idea to come down the stairs naked to answer it. Well, *chuckle*, he slipped and bounced all the way down, narrowly missing his wife's ceramic angel collection, and knocking his foot through the wall at the bottom of the steps. Most of you all may say, how morbid for me to find this funny....guess you have to know what an old coot this guy is,...he's ...well...he's something. And he always has something wrong with him or his apartment. hehehe, the worst part is envisioning him falling down the stairs naked *shiver*....
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts, work
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