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strange dreams

i've been having a series of odd dreams lately....for some reason every one has been staged in england, with an entire english cast, save me. what i can't understand is why this obtuse dreams have all been english, when i've never even been to england....and why they all consists of me visiting people and then feeling left out, off course, out of sorts. is there something in the coldness that should be letting me in on a secret? or perhaps it goes hand in hand with my previous entry about abandonment. maybe i'm just so alone that i'm inventing new friends to reject me.......

another thing about these dreams is that i'm always with a guy and a girl....always a strange inter-gender friendship triangle....and of course, always english.....i wish that these dreams would mean that i'm going to travel to england....*laugh* somehow i don't think that's it.....

if anyone out there has any new insight or clue, please share....perhaps i'm not the only one
Tags: about me, funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts

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