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fucked up stupid shit

i am so sick of chaos...i just had to get out of bed because some stupid bastard that I hate was outside my house beating the shit out of someone....i get out there and basically screamed at them to stop it and get the hell off my property or i was going to call the cops....so what do they do? keep on fucking fighting...so i grab the phone and was going to call the cops, when they finally separated and the fucking bastard left....like two minutes later, cops are all up in my yard asking us what the hell went on...I'm like I was just in bed, recouperating from my own version of fun, and then I heard screaming and went out and told them to get the hell away....the worst part? the cops that came were the same cops that were on property yesterday busting one of my tenants for drugs. So my credibility is shot all to hell, and knowing my tenants all have scanners, they will all be talking ...my boyfriend doesn't even care. This is the same bastard that I don't even want in my fucking house...i don't let him in, but for some fucked up reason, Jason still hangs around him....well now that this shit has happened, Jason still doesn't have the balls to tell him to not come to my fucking house....that's ok though, because if I see that bastard ever again, he will be arrested.....mother fucking hell....I'm so fucking upset.....
Tags: rant

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