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Home again, jiggity jig....well, the conference went well (Kentucky Housing/SAHMA/Hud conference) and ended with a surprise for me. I was given an award as SAHMA's 2004 Kentucky Manager of the Year! Woooooooooohooooooooo! I couldn't believe it, here I have been cussing and ranting about this job and really fucking up lately, and then I get an award....just goes to show, sometime the beam is working and you don't even know it. So I got the award, with a nice fat check (yay!!!!), did a little networking, met a new manager for my company who just happens to be pagan (yay! new friend?), and while at the conference I managed to write a continuation to the Billy and Lyn story. I got 8 pages into it, so be looking for that in the coming days. Came back to the excitement of three move ins and good news for Catherine and Wolf, as Wolf got a job!!!! Yay! I'm sure that will take some of the stress off the household......sooooooooo, back to work....hate being here, but sometimes you have to....
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