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Part two

Mother's Name: Marie, but everyone calls her Michelle (her middle name)
Date of Birth: August 13, 1951
Father's Name: Thomas (goes by Tom)
Date of Birth: April 28, 1951
Mother's Maiden Name: Ball
Sibling's Names & Ages: Daniel (Dan) is 30, David is 24
Maternal Grandparents: Louise and Cyril
Paternal Grandparents: Betty and ?? (OMG, I don't know!)
Mother's family comes from: New Haven Kentucky
Father's family comes from: Kentucky

Although you may not have an "absolute favorite," answer the following questions spontaneously. The best answer will be the first thought that comes to mind.
A color you like to wear: Black
Regardless of size or circumstance, an animal you would like to own as a pet: Owl
A flower you would like to grow in your garden: Roses
Your lucky number: 9
A smell that makes you pause: Honeysuckle
A taste that makes you melt: Lasagna
A hobby that occupies your time: Photoshoping
A sport you enjoy watching: Figure skating
A city you would like to visit: Bangor Maine
A country you would like to explore: Scotland
Your Favorite Meal: Baked Chicken with herbs and wild rice
A drink you often order: Stoli & Tonic (OMG, steph, you too?)
A delicious dessert: Chocolate Cheesecake
A game you like to play: Spades
A book you strongly recommend: Aftermath: Violence and the Remaking of a Self by Susan J. Brison
An author who has affected you: see above, changed my life
The magazine you read most often: hehehe, O, my guilty pleasure
The newspaper you prefer to read on Sundays: The Courier Journal
Music you prefer to listen to when you are alone: Classical
The singer or band you currently listen to the most: Flogging Molly
The film you could watch over and over: Dead Poets Society
A director you admire: Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Jackson
An actress whose performances you admire: Jodie Foster
An actor whose performances you admire: Sir Anthony Hopkins
A TV show you watch regularly : ER
An artist whose work you highly respect: Vincent Van Gogh/ Dante Gabriel Rossetti
A piece of clothing you love to wear: my red velvet skirt
A monument you would like to have a view of from your bedroom: The Eiffel Tower
Your favorite time of the day: Late at night
Your favorite place to sit at home: on the left side of the couch
What you most like to do on Sunday: Sleep
Your Motto: No guilt, no regrets.
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