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Part three

The fruits of your Labor
Your children & Ages: none of my own, bf's is Austin age 7
Your Pets: Ruca (age 5) and Psyche (age 3), both cats
You live in a: half of a duplex
Your Transportation: Pontiac Grand Prix
Your approximate annual income: lol....way too low, $23,000 without bonuses
{ } You are making more money than ever before.
{X} You always thought you would make more money.
{ } You never expected to make this much money.
Approximate number of hours you spend working each week: 40
{X} You wish it were less { } You wish it were more.
Your Watch: a gold and silver Bulova
Your Cologne or perfume: none usually, occasionally green tea, patchuli, or my french perfume
Something important on your desk: my journal
On your wall hangs: an import tuner calendar (not mine), 2 butterfly/tree paintings, many sconces, a sun/moon plaque, a moon potporri holder, a heart mobile, a framed picture of a woman holding a child that my grandmother gave me, a dryed rose, a picture Austin colored, the mail box, and a sword
Under your bed or in your closet you hide: lots of dust, lost socks, some erotic fiction, my heating pad and some read books
Something important on your night table: a bear from my grandmother
When you sleep, you wear: nothing *sexy wink*
If you had a safe, you would keep: old love letters, and antique costume jewelry collection
Things you like to buy: anything, gifts, music, clothes, shoes
If you could afford it at this moment, you would buy: a house and a new car
You collect: gargoyles, fairies, books, old jewelry
You don't have a lot of: plants
Your strangest possession: uhm....i don't think my stuff is strange...honestly don't know
Your most expensive possession: definitely the lap top
Your most prized possession: my filing cabinet with all my writings
Material Possessions are: silly, pointless, and wonderful
If your house were burning and you only had time to rescue 3 things, they would be: Ruca, Psyche, and that damn filing cabinet
Tags: about me, meme

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