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Part 5

God and the World
Do you believe in God {X } Yes { } No
Describe God: a force that connects everything
What religion were you raised with? Roman Catholic
Do you practice this religion? { } Yes {X} No
Your most spiritual moment: once, when I was lost in spirit, i entered a circle of people, we began a chant and prayer, i swear this electricity went through me, I know I felt God
The last time you were in a house of Worship: 2 years ago at a Christmas Concert
Death is: welcome to the hell on earth
How you picture the end of the world: don't believe it will happen
God has spoken to you. {X } Yes { } No
If yes, What did God tell you? nothing specific, more like a force felt than said
Do you feel that most wars started because of religious conflicts? { } Yes {X } No
Does life exist on other planets? {X } Yes { } No
Have they made contact with us? {X } Yes { } No
Do you believe we are descendants of Adam and Eve? { } Yes { } No (I am adding) {X} Perhaps
Do you believe in evolution? { X} Yes { } No
Do you believe in Astrology? {X} Yes { } No
Do you read your Horoscope? {X} Yes { }No
If yes, why? It helps to center me
Have you ever been treated by a Psychotherapist? (X) Yes { } No
If yes, why? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Depression
Do you believe in reincarnation? {X } Yes { } No
If reincarnation does exist, you would like to come back as: an optimist
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