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more about me....i'm quite boring actually

What is your opinion of
the right to have an abortion: { } Pro {X } Com
the right to own guns: { } PRO { } Con {X} Depends
the welfare system: {X} Pro { } Con
the death penalty: { } Pro (X ) Con
rights and services for illegal immigrants: { } Pro {X } Con
legalization of drugs { } Pro { } Con I am adding {X} Some
equal rights for homosexuals: {X} Pro { } Con
the practice of premarital sex: {X} Pro { } Con

Which Issue concerns you the most?
(You can choose from the above list or write your own answer)>
legalization of drugs

On behalf of this issue, you have
{X} donated time {X} donated money { } done nothing

The first stop to resolving poverty: help those in our own country before helping others, and stop the crazy pay for work such as doctors, politicians, entertainment industry, share the wealth you nappy bastards
The first step to resolving racism: uhm...kill everyone?
The environmental issue that concerns you most: the cutting of trees
Do you believe a person is defined by what he or she does for a living? { } Yes {X} No
Why? because you don't necessarily have to believe in your work to do it
Politically you define yourself as
{X} liberal { } moderate { } conservative
The worst crime against humanity: rape
The worst Political Crime: republicans, need i say more....oh and the fact that the democrats are pushing Kerry as a response to Bush, a WTF moment
The minimum sentence for those who molest children should be: lifelong ass raping in the most overcrowded prison
The minimum punishment for those who rape should be: castration countered with constant porn videos, so they can't masturbate :P
Your opinion of the military: needs less money, and less power
Your opinion of the draft: stupid as hell
You would fight in a war if: never
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