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Those Summer Nights, Billy and Lyn continued....

TITLE: Those Summer Nights
AUTHOR: emaleythe
RATING: R (Language)/ NC17 (later)
SUMMARY: Hello Glasgow, an old friend, sparring match
CONTENT/WARNING: Some swearing/sexual references
DISCLAIMER: This story is 100% fiction. These events never happened. Lyn is a fictional character based in fact.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: special thanks to Billy and Dom, and to the muse for keep hitting. This story is a continuation of Trial and Error which can be found in emaleythe's memories

Lyn marked with surprise the similarity of the paisley comforter in this hotel room to the one where she had first met Billy a few months before. The same

garish print winked at her from the King-sized bed. Billy strolled in struggling with the luggage.

“You know, you could help with these.”

Lyn turned; ready to jump in, “Sorry dear, I was just admiring the room. Notice anything familiar?”

Billy looked around blandly, “Not really, course I see so many of these rooms they blend together.”

“I suppose that’s right, I was just noticing that the comforter is the same garish print as the one from the hotel where we met.”

An all-too-familiar twinkle lit Billy’s eyes, “Ah, so you’re saying it’s making you horny! Perhaps you want to recreate some of that mountain magic?”

Lyn smacked away Billy’s lecherous hands, “You cad, I wasn’t saying that…”

“Ah, but it is making you horny though right?”

Lyn laughed, “Well, now that you mention it…”

Billy chuckled, pushed her on the bed with a kiss, “What do you say? Should we christen it?”

Lyn nodded and Billy bent to kiss her, when a loud erratic knocking came from the door.

Billy groaned, “Must be the hop with the rest of your stuff.”

“Hey now, I didn’t pack that much, in fact I’d say I was a minimalist.”

Billy laughed, “Yeah, if a minimalist includes only one of everything in every store we entered.”

Billy ducked the pillow Lyn threw at him easily, as he strolled to the door. Meanwhile, the erratic knock continued. Billy opened the door, the beginning of a scowl on his face, ready to say something to the rude hop outside. Instead, he let out a joyful “Hurrah”. Lyn looked up from her unpacking.

“Bills! Thought I’d find you here!”

The man and Billy quickly embraced; giving kisses and pats on the back. Lyn, having never met any of Billy’s mates, sauntered up behind curiously.

“Dom, you wanker, what the hell are you doing in Glasgow? I thought you were filming this week?!”

Lyn tried to suppress her surprise, being an avid pervy hobbit fancier, she of course knew the sexy, funky Dom. She found herself suddenly
flustered to be this close to the two of them: Merry and Pippin/ Billy and Dom. It was a dream to be there. Monaboyd manips suddenly flashed through her head, and she began blushing before she could stop it. Of course, knowing what Billy was like in bed only made it stranger and surprisingly hotter to think about.

Dom and Billy detached themselves, and Dom strode in as if he owned the room. Seeing the blushing Lyn, he turned and winked at Billy.

“So, I finally get to meet the American girl that has been monopolizing Bills, eh?”

Dom eyed her up and down, and then smiled approvingly at Billy, before walking over and giving Lyn a quick kiss on the cheek. “How are you love?”

Billy laughed, “Oh no you don’t! I know what you’re thinking Dom, and no, we can’t share.”

Lyn let out a little squeak, half embarrassment, half intrigue.

Dom flipped the comment with a little wave of his hand. “Nonsense, I wasn’t thinking any such thing. I was simply thinking how lucky you are. You deserve it Bill, you definitely do.”

“Yeah, yeah. Keep talking Dom. You still didn’t answer my question.”

Dom kept up an intense eye contact with Lyn, “Which question?” Then looked away remembering, “Oh, why am I here? Filming was delayed; it seems it’s the monsoon season in Hawaii so they gave us the month off. ‘Sides, since we’ve finished the pilot and the next 3 shows, there’s no rush. So, since I haven’t seen you for awhile, thought I’d surprise you.”

“Well glad you did. I thought I’d show Lyn around some of my old haunts, while I take care of some business at home. You’re welcome to join us.”

“Thanks Bills, be glad to.” And with that Dom flopped down on the sofa.

Billy laughed, looking over at Lyn with an apologetic look. “Make yourself at home Dom.”

Dom grinned goofily, searching for the remote for the TV.

Lyn cleared her throat, smiling, “Well, I’ll go unpack and leave you two to catch up.”

Billy soon followed her into the room, apologizing under his breath for the interruption to their romantic interlude. “Dom’s just like this you know,
and it’s part of the reason I love him, he has this amazing energy! You’ll see, it will be great!”

All Lyn could think was how weird it was going to be, an introvert with two animated souls.

Dom neglected to get his own room that first day, opting instead for the couch on the other side of the suite. Lyn found herself stuck in the middle of their stories, listening patiently as they recounted tales she was already too familiar with through interviews and articles. It was when they began telling the more sordid details of their adventures that she began to perk up. It was quite similar to meeting someone’s parents and getting to hear all the little stories of wild youths. It was when they began talking of their drunken flirtations and other women when Lyn became uncomfortable. Dom seemed hell-bent on telling Lyn about all the women that Billy had picked up. Lyn felt herself becoming increasingly flushed with anger and uncertainty, but as a spectator to a train wreck, she couldn’t pull away from the conversation. So she sat through, listening to the laughter and jokes, but feeling a little piece of the bliss of her new relationship falling away.

Billy looked over at Lyn, and slipped a comforting arm around her shoulder. “Dom, let’s stop all this talk, you’re embarrassing me. ‘Sides, all of this is in the past, I found who I was looking for in all those girls.”

Lyn gave a half-hearted smile to Billy, thankful that he was perceptive enough to realize her discomfort. Perhaps she was being silly after all.

“Ah, Bills you know I’m just teasing you anyway. After all, how often do you get to wank on your best mate when he’s always half a country away from you?”

Billy laughed, “You’re not wanking anything of mine, Mr. Monaghan.”

Lyn couldn’t stop the words from coming out of her mouth, “Well according to y’alls fans, you both have been doing more than just wanking each other, and let’s not even mention what you’ve both done to Elijah.”

Billy and Dom looked at each other with an identical expression of disgust, and then all three of them burst into laughter. Dom rolled off the couch holding his side.

“Oh God, I can see it now, “Oh Bills, I so want to suck your cock. Give it to me now!””

Billy reached down and punched Dom in the arm, “Hush up you freak!” and then looking over at Lyn, “See what you started?”

“Me? I did nothing. All I did was read all the stories and then report back to you. Besides, I know you have seen the manips before.”

This of course sent Dom into another fit of laughter, giving the impression that he was laughing a little too hard. Lyn watched him with a smile, thinking how funny it was that she had turned the tables on Dom. Perhaps it was time he felt uncomfortable. However, Billy, try as he may to take it with grace, obviously had a hard time reconciling himself with the image others had of him. Loosing his personal life to public opinion was the hardest part of fame. Lyn mad a mental note to not include Billy in her paybacks and quips to Dom, seeing as it affected him more.

That night, with Dom snoring happily on the couch, Lyn lay in bed, snuggled up to Billy. She couldn’t shake the fog that had surrounded her since Dom’s entrance. It was as if she felt something slipping away. She could not name the “something” but whatever it was seemed vital to her. Lyn resolved that she would do whatever she had to in order to hold onto it. With that, she finally let sleep dissolve her.

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