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me, me me, part 8 &9


Three traits you look for in a friend:
1. Honesty
2. Loyalty
3. Sense of Humor

The friend you have known for the longest amount of time: Kim for 9 yrs

Is this person a close friend? {X } Yes { } No
Why or Why not? We've been through life, death, addictions, and change....yet we can always depend on the other to be there no matter how far apart we are

The friend you miss the most: Elizabeth

When was the last time you saw this friend? 6 yrs ago :(

When do you think you will see this friend again? maybe a high school reunion sometime down the road

A friend who makes you laugh often: Catherine

A friend to whom you can tell anything: Anngee

A friend to whom you can go for advice: Catherine

The best piece of advice this friend gave you: Be Strong!

A friend you can have adventures with: Anngee

The best adventure you had with this friend: hehehe, so many, hard to choose.....jumping out of a moving car to see if we could land on our feet was hilarious

A friend you can flirt with: Kelly

A friend you should not flirt with as much as you do: Chris

A friend you would like to kiss: uhm....think i've kissed almost all my friends, but would kiss Catherine ;) and Chris

A friend you should not have kissed: Kim

A friend you don't take seriously: Glenn

A friend you may loose soon: Anngee
Why? we've lost some touch with each other's lives living so far apart....and she's like Peter Pan, she may never grow up

A friend you lost for a reason other than death: Jimmy
{ X} You hope to see this friend again
{ } You hope to never see this friend again
{ } If you were to see this friend again, you would be unaffected.

A friend who does or believes in something you cannot respect: David

A friend with whom you would like to be closer: Genevieve
Describe the barrier that exists between you and this friend: I never get to see much of her, and we both have a lot of shyness and hurt that makes it hard for either of us to initiate things

A friend to whom you would never lend money: Anngee
Why? she's a mooch

A friend who has betrayed you: Elizabeth
How did this friend betray you? she shunned me for my life practices
Have you forgiven this friend? {X } Yes { } No

A friend who has done something terrible but whom you have forgiven: Anngee
Describe what you have forgiven: She said horrible things about me to others instead of talking to me about it

A friend you need to forgive: uhm....don't think that there is one.....

A friend you would name as godparent to your child: Catherine

A friend to whom you have something important to say, but have not yet had the courage: uhm....nothing that I can think of
What is it that you want to say?

Your two closet friends:
1. Catherine
2. Anngee

One trait you admire in each of them:
1. Her honesty and creativity
2. Her sense of fun and adventure

One trait you wish each of them could change:
1. Her outlook on herself at times
2. Her cattyness

An animal that best describes each of them:
1. hmmm....an angel fish
2. Two toed sloth hehehe :)

Your mother is your friend. {X } Yes { } No

Your father is your friend. { X} Yes { } No

Your best friend as a child: Belinda
Your worst enemy as a child: Sarah George (grrrrrrrrr)

Your best friend as a teenager: Elizabeth
Your worst enemy as a teenager: still Sarah

(if your not yet an adult, leave this blank until your an adult - then fill out a new All about Me)
Your best friend as an Adult: Anngee
Your worst enemy as an Adult: hmmm....don't know, oh oh Matt :)

If you could, where would you banish your worst enemy to? Siberia
Are you able to forgive your enemy(ies)? Y{X} N{} I'll forgive, but never forget....never
If no, why not?

The friend who is most like you: Catherine
Why? she is creative, magical, and hung up on some of the same life issues as me

The friend who is most unlike you: Chris
Why? he is kind, certain, self-assured, and a math nerd

The friend who uses most of your energy: Anngee

A friend you will see in hell: Jimmy (see you there, slut puppy!)

A friend you will see in heaven: if we are lucky, Catherine


Your three best qualities:
1. Childlike
2. Sense of humor
3. Compassion

Your three worst qualities:
1. Over-giving
2. Obsessive
3. Dramatic

Of these three worst qualities, which one do you struggle with most frequently?
{X} 1 { } 2 { } 3

Which of the three worst qualities have you tried to change?
{X} 1 { } 2 {X } 3

Three words that describe how others view you:
1. Strong
2. Sarcastic
3. Listener

Three words you would use to describe your ideal self:
1. Peaceful
2. Helpful
3. Successful

Three things for which you are often complimented:
1. My humor
2. My hair
3. My ability to do a Job well

Which one of the three is most meaningful to you?
{ } 1 { } 2 { X} 3

A special compliment that made you blush: uhm....they all make me blush

Who gave you this special compliment?

An insult that made you burn: when my father used to call me "fat and lazy" when I was a child
What was your reaction to this insult? I fumed, wrote evil death poems, and resolved to prove him wrong

You are far better than most people you know at: scholastic studies and writing
The animal that best describes you: I would say a Hobbit but that's not an animal....how about a buffolo

You are embarrassed when others: talk loudly and attract attention
You are embarrassed when you: make a sarcastic remark too quickly about someone
Others are embarrassed when you: break out in song in public

The greatest amount of Physical pain you have ever endured: When I was beaten badly by a stranger

The greatest amount of Emotional pain you have ever endured: Going through the rebuilding of self after the abduction

Your proudest moment: Graduating from college

Someone who shared this moment with you: My parents and friends

The moment you are ashamed of: the abduction

Someone who shared this moment with you: no one....

When discussing your career with others, you tend to
{ } exaggerate { } understate {X} be factual

When discussing your love life with others, you tend to
{ } exaggerate {X } understate { } be factual

When telling stories or relaying the details of your day, you tend to
{ } exaggerate { } understate {X } be factual

If you didn't have commitments to others, you would: apply to grad school in Oregon

The number of drinks that constitutes your limit: differs, but usually 2

Your best physical feature: My eyes
You have considered plastic surgery {X} Yes { } No
At your best, you are most like this famous person: so many times I was told I resemble Jeaneane Garafolo
At your worst, you are most like this famous person: a female version of Dennis Miller

Create a Newspaper headline you would like to read about yourself: Susan Clark has discovered a psychology therapy that can help everyone

Your most recent selfless act: listening to a peer (whom I do not really know that well) as she was going through a death of a tenant
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