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Those Summer Nights, Part2

TITLE: Those Summer Nights
AUTHOR: emaleythe
RATING: R (Language)/ NC17 (later)
SUMMARY: late wakings, a house, a pub, the shower
CONTENT/WARNING: Some swearing/sexual references
DISCLAIMER: This story is 100% fiction. These events never happened. Lyn is a fictional character based in fact.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: special thanks to Billy and Dom, and to the muse for keep hitting. This story is a continuation of Trial and Error which can be found in emaleythe's memories

Dom and Billy had awoke early and left to parts unknown before Lyn came out of her dreams. Taking this as freedom to take a leisurely time, Lyn lazed around getting out of bed and dressing. Out of the shower, she pulled on a towel and went over to the window to check out the view. She stared out over the city, watching the boats on the Clyde River, grounding herself in the lapping of the waves. She was so lost in her thoughts that she failed to hear the entrance door open at the other end of the suite. It was only when she heard the gasp behind her that she realized someone was in the room with her. She whirled around to see Dom, dead in his tracks staring at her. His eyes were skimming over her, tracing the drops of water as they slid down her body.

“Dom! What the hell?”

Dom quickly looked up to her face, blushing, “Oh…shit, Lyn, I uh….Billy sent me up to get his jacket.”

Lyn shrugged and pointed to the closet, “It’s in there, excuse me.”

Dom watched Lyn push past him and hurry back to the bathroom. He stood there, flustered, unsure what the hell had just happened. He honestly had come up for the jacket but when he saw Lyn standing at the window, the water glittering on her skin like diamonds….shit, he just froze. One of those moments, hit like lightening through his every cell. Shit, what am I doing? That’s Billy’s girl! Maybe I’m just lonely; it has been a dry spell lately. Damn, I should apologize… Dom shook his head, got the jacket and left, giving a quick guilty glance to the closed bathroom door.

Lyn stood on the other side, listening for the front door to close. It seemed to last a lifetime, leaving her wondering what the hell Dom was doing out there. She had been shocked to see him there, but stunned by her reaction. Seeing him look at her, she had felt so strange, tingly. It was like being out of her body, out of her life, watching from behind. Why did I stand there? What the hell was he doing? Mostly she was just hearing an elongated scream in her head, just a long aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhh. Finally hearing the thud of the door, she shook her head and slid down the wall to the floor, laying her head on the cool tile. A frown furrowed in her brow. Would she ever feel right now that Dom was here?

When Billy and Dom returned a few hours later, both seemed in such good spirits that Lyn got caught up in the excitement. It seems that they had been house-hunting and had found a fantastic place off the beaten path of the main city traffic. Billy was bouncing around, more jolly than usual, practically pushing Lyn out of the hotel to go see it with them. They caught a cab and directed the driver to the flat. Lyn had to admit, the house was impressive and exactly what Billy had wanted, so she gave him thumbs up to call the realtor. While he wandered off to find a better cell signal, Lyn and Dom wandered through the upstairs.

Lyn walked around, humming a little tune and checking out the master bedroom. Again, she was drawn to the window, to check out the view, she thought. Feeling an arm slip around her shoulder, Lyn smiled and said, “Hey babe.” before turning and coming face to face to Dom.

Dom smiled impishly, “Hey baby to you too. Funny how we keep meeting like this.”

Lyn shrugged off his arm, “I thought you were Billy.”

“You and half the world! How many times am I going to have to remind you that I’m Merry, he’s Pippin.”

Lyn couldn’t help but laugh, feeling her tension run away.

“Dom, you didn’t mention this morning to Billy did you?”

Dom gave her a sideways look, sexy and wary at the same time, so Lyn continued, “Because, it was really just a silly accident, nothing important, and I don’t want things to get all weird between us all…”

Dom looked out the window, “No, I didn’t. I mean, you’re right. Totally an accident.” He looked over at her, giving complete eye contact, “I’m really sorry about that too. I should have knocked, been more noisy or something…I mean, I’m sorry, really.” Do I even mean that?

Lyn breathed a sigh of relief, smiling out the window. Billy walked in the room finding his two favorite people smiling like idiots.

“What did I miss? Dom do that scary midget voice again?”

Lyn and Dom looked at each other and laughed.

“Something like that Bills. So, what’s the word? You put in a bid?”

Billy grinned, “Yeah I did! Should hear something tonight. So, what say you about going to a pub for awhile? I feel like celebrating!”

Lyn walked up and threw her arms around him, “Sounds perfect! Let’s go sexy!”

Dom laughed, walked up to Billy and kissed him on the cheek, “Yes, let’s go sexy!”

He managed to move out of the way of Lyn’s half-hearted punch. Lyn chased Dom out of the house, Billy laughingly following them. Billy was just happy to see them getting along.

Lyn wasn’t used to drinking, especially not as heavily as the boys. Within no time, she was reeling and living it up. She was flirty and affectionate, and even broke loose on the dance floor. Whether it was the dancing or the liquor, Lyn began to feel sick right when Billy got the call back from the realtor. While he talked, Lyn began sweating bullets, feeling lightheaded and nauseous to boot. Dom leaned across the table towards her.

“You ok? You don’t look so hot.”

Lyn just shook her head slowly no, clutching the table with a white knuckled grip.

Dom got up, “Come on, I’ll take care of you.”

Lyn got up shakily and let Dom lead her to the back. Standing up was worse than sitting, the spinning increased with each step. When they got to the back, Lyn groaned at the sight of the “out of order” sign on the ladies room door. Dom leaned her against the wall.

“Hold on, just a minute.” Then propping open the men’s door, he yelled in, “Any mates in here?”

Getting no answer, he led Lyn in by the elbow. Lyn staggered into a stall, and almost as sudden began vomiting. She didn’t even know that she hadn’t closed the door until she felt Dom raking back her hair and holding it out of the way. When her stomach settled some, he led her out and handed her wetted paper towels. She felt as green as her pallor and close to tears, as being sick had always made her.

“Feel any better?” Dom asked gently.

“God, I feel horrible, what do you people put in your liquor?” She tried a smile, but it came out more like a grimace.

Dom smiled, “It’s okay, you’re not the first American girl to overdo the pub.”

Lyn was able to smile this time, “I’m sorry about this, you must think I’m a real loser…Thanks for the help.”

Dom laughed, “No, I definitely don’t think you’re a loser, and you’re welcome. You ready to get back to Bills?”

“Actually, more ready to hit a bed, but yeah, let’s go.”

They returned to the table to find Billy waiting for them anxiously.

“Any good news Bill?” Dom asked.

“Nah, not yet. The owners want to weed through the offers, but the realtor thinks I have a good chance. Where did you two go?”

“I, uh, celebrated too much. Dom had to show me to the loo.”

“Ah, you okay? You want to head back to the hotel?”

“Actually, yes I do, but you guys can just drop me off if you want to hang out some more.”

The boys seemed cheered by that, and quickly decided to spend the evening finding Dom a room of his own. They dropped her off, leaving her to the sweet surrender of the bed. It was hours before she had sobered up enough to actually lie down and even after that point, sleep didn’t come as easily as she had expected it too. She was touched by Dom’s manner towards her tonight; perhaps he wasn’t the bad guy that he had originally seemed. Nothing had changed her opinion more than the gentle way that he had held her hair back while she had been sick. So mothering in a way. Lyn frowned, wishing that she hadn’t had to get some sick in front of him. What would my mother say? Vomiting in front of a big movie star! Lyn chuckled at that thought, relieved to see that her sense of humor had stayed despite her past few odd days. Had Lyn been less intoxicated, she may have seen her trouble long before it occurred, for Lyn was beginning to think well of Dom, perhaps a little too well.

Billy curled up into the bed behind Lyn, sure that she had passed away in sleep hours earlier. Lyn was close to the falling point of dream, when she felt the body next to her. On her face, she lit a smile; in her mind, she thought Dom.

The next day, all three of them woke up groggy. Lyn and Billy took turns trying to push the other off the bed, while Dom repeatedly hit the snooze on the alarm clock in his own suite. Lyn rose slowly, holding her head and moaning.

“God Bill, why did you let me drink so much?”

Billy grinned over at Lyn while he dressed, “Much? Dom and I totally drank you into the ground, and I don’t feel the worse for it.”

Lyn flopped back down on the bed, “Yeah but you do this all the time. I’m a light-weight. Besides, I don’t see Dom here, so you don’t know how he’s feeling.”

“Well let’s ring him and see.”

Billy dialed the number for Dom’s room, “Dom? How you feeling mate?.... What do you mean you aren’t awake yet? Its 9:30 already!......okay, alright, no need to get all feisty, why don’t you meet us in the lobby in an hour for some brunch?....yes, you do have to wear clothes….uh huh….What?....Yeah, she’s feeling a bit rough too, but I think she’ll survive…..tell her what?....uhm, ok….alright, just hurry….no, an hour, ok?....alright, bye.”

Billy hung up with a sigh, “Well, you were right, Dom’s not up and he’s feeling pretty rough. He said to tell you “wear more than a towel”, whatever the hell that means.”

Lyn startled, blushing from chin to forehead. “He said that?!”

“Yeah, that mean anything to you?” Billy watched her closely.

“Well, yeah….had to do with something we talked about yesterday….it was stupid really. He’s such a dork.”

Billy grinned, hopefully clueless, “That he is. Now you see why Billy gets all the good women.”

“Well all you need is one right?”

Billy pretended to ponder that one for a moment, “Well, I dunno….there could be a need for a Boyd harem. What do you think sounds better, “Billy’s Babes” or “Boyd Toys”.”

Lyn tackled Billy on the bed, “How about you drop the harem idea and I’ll be anything you want me to be.”

Billy gave his wicked look, “Ooooo, my own personal harem girl, what should I have her do….”

“Whatever you wish master.” Lyn put on her most subservient tone.

“I’ll have to think about this one, but for now, why don’t you dance your way over to the shower to get ready.”

Lyn groaned, and rolled off of Billy, “Fine, but that doesn’t sound like too much fun.”

“Well as long as you go against Dom’s advice and wear less than a towel, it could be a lot of fun.” Billy grinned wickedly.

“Oh you little perv…..but I like it.” Lyn ducked into the bathroom with a wink.

Billy followed Lyn into the bathroom a few minutes later; he loved to watch her shower, despite the fact that she valued her bath time as private time. Whenever possible, he would sneak in, and pretend to be doing something else, until she would catch him and kick him out. There was just something so sensual about a woman showering; it filled many of his dreams. Beside the perfumed air that accompanied bathing, it was watching the delicate way that a woman preened and pranced in a shower. It was the way that a woman used a shower as more than just a way to get clean. Today was no different. Lyn had her back to him, her head thrown back with her eyes closed, letting the water run down her chest. Billy imagined his hands following the path of the water, dipping around every curve, sliding between her legs, cradling each rounded calf and joint. Billy knew that it was not simple chance that had led their first time making love to immediately follow showers. He had an erection just watching her today. Feeling, rather than seeing, that Lyn was about to turn around and see him, he slipped out of the bathroom quietly to return to dressing. Lyn heard the door shut softly, and she smiled. She always knew when Billy was watching.

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