looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
looking for the exit

New revolution!

Well, it's decided....I finally got ahold of my long lost friend Anngee back in Asheville NC, and told her the news. She has informed me that there is a newspaper report just itching to tell my story of horror and injustices especially concerning the court system and they way i've been "dealt with". Sooooooooo, I'm going public, I'm going to order the DA to give me copies of my depositions and I'm going to the press. Of course, this won't make a difference on my case, but by hell it will stop these elected officials from getting back into office. And maybe, just maybe they will start rethinking their behavior and our damn court system......My mom was furious at the DA today....she says the only unusual thing about this case was that I am an unusual person that was able to survive the 13 hours and then use every bit of knowledge garnered from my forensic psychology studies and love of John Walsh books to find an escape. I, for once, am in total agreement. Why else would they treat me like I'm some crazy person who made up this story? What's unusual about a homeless crack crazed person doing something psycho like this? One day, I'm going to tell my story and when I do, people will fall.....VIVE LA RESISTANCE!
Tags: about me, funny shit to make me laugh, rape

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