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i just came -><- this close to hitting a child just now....if there's anything I can't stand, its a rude disrespectfull potty mouth child. I was coming down to talk to the parents of a girl who had just hit another small child when I walk up on a group of black children absolutely telling off a child. I yelled at them to stop it, and to back off. They claimed they didn't do anything when I just heard them do it! So I tell them that it doesn't matter, that they need to go back to where they live or are visiting and to leave the other children alone. They start telling me what for, rolling their eyes, I swear, I got right up in the face of that little girl and pointed right up in her face, "Don't you roll your eyes at me little girl!" She started to walk away mouthing me, so I followed her, told her to "go, get" and while she continued to mouth, I was like, "That's it, I going to your house, and I'd better find some adult there." No adult at the house, they said they were going across the street to their mother's house, so I was like, ok, fine, that's ok, I'll write you up and call Child services.....mouthy bastard children....god if they were mine, I'd fucking beat them.
Tags: rant, work

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