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Those Summer Nights, 3

Sorry for the delay, life called....but the story lives on (sorry such a sort part, promise more soon)

TITLE: Those Summer Nights
AUTHOR: emaleythe
RATING: R (Language)/ NC17 (later)
SUMMARY: the morning after, a kiss?
CONTENT/WARNING: Some swearing/sexual references
DISCLAIMER: This story is 100% fiction. These events never happened. Lyn is a fictional character based in fact.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: special thanks to Billy and Dom, and to the muse for keep hitting. This story is a continuation of Trial and Error which can be found in emaleythe's memories

They all met in the lobby as planned, but Billy and Lyn had to wait an extra half hour for Dom. When he finally arrived, he swept in looking refreshed and casually sheik, in no way resembling the bed-draggled, hung-over Dom that Lyn had been picturing in her head. Dom threw his arms around both of them, artfully inserting himself between the two and gave first a kiss to Billy then one to Lyn.

“So, where are we going, I’m famished?! Is it too late for breakfast?”

Billy looked at his watch, “Well considering that its 11 AM, I say that it’s too late for breakfast.”

“Second breakfast then? You know how a hobbit loves those.”

Lyn laughed, “How about lunch instead, Billy promised to show me this little ma and pa deli down the street.”

Agreed upon the destination, they began walking down the street. Dom slid on some sunglasses, looking oh-so-rock star. Lyn found herself half-skipping with happiness, despite the dull ache that still took up residence in her head. Dom was working the passerbys as if they were fans, doing his little wave, wink, and smile, causing Billy to keep breaking down in laughter.

“You have to please the fans Billy. That’s the problem with you; you don’t know how to work it. Let me give you lessons and you will have those fangirls screaming with excitement as soon as you walk in the room.”

Billy chuckled, “I don’t need fangirls screaming, I’m not craving the attention like you are….and speaking of girls, when are we going to get you one of your own, Mr. Monaghan? Don’t you think its time that you started dating someone?”

Dom blushed, “Aw Bills, I’ll know her when I see her. It’ll be electric, you know? Till then, I’m just gonna play the crowd.”

“Yes, but the problem with that mate is that eventually, the crowd will thin and then you’ll just be bald and lonely.”

“Yeah, sure Bill.” Dom looked away, but glanced over at Lyn.

Lyn caught the look. “Billy, hun, why don’t you leave Dom alone? He’ll date when he’s ready to date. Besides, you’re making him uncomfortable. Let’s just get some lunch and forget about Dom’s romances.”

Having successfully diverted Billy’s attention, Lyn looked up to see Dom watching her. She smiled broadly at him, in a way that she hoped was friendly, and was surprised when he caught her hand and squeezed it. Lyn’s smile faltered a little, and then squeezed back.

Lunch was full of strange versions of meat that Lyn had never ventured to taste. Dom and Billy double-teamed her with teasing, leaving Lyn clutching her side in laughter. Afterwards, they battled over where to go next, with Dom winning the lottery and dragging them to a little boutique to see some scarves that he had his eye on. Lyn wandered through the aisles, doing the whole fingering of fabrics thing that women do, occasionally looking up to watch the boys. Dom was having a time trying to get Billy to loosen up his wardrobe with more hip items. Lyn had to stifle a laugh a few times, seeing Dom wrapping one item or another around Billy. His expression of exasperation tickled her the most, aside from the one time he caught her eye and mouthed “Help me”. Lyn had just laughed and shook her head no. Finding her self distracted by a particularly ornate bag, Lyn lost track of the guys for a short time. When she finally disengaged, she was unable to see the men anymore. She walked calmly around the store, checking out the side rooms but still couldn’t find either Dom or Billy. Starting to become nervous, she stopped one of the workers to ask, but was brushed off. Deciding to take one more look in the changing rooms, Lyn marched to the back, and began peering under the curtains looking for feet. Reaching the last one, Lyn turned around to head outside, hoping she would find them waiting for her. At that moment, Dom rounded the corner, and spotting her rushed up and swept her in a huge embrace.

“There you are! Where have you been? We’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

“Yeah, everywhere except at the store where you left me!”

“Well Billy is so exasperating sometimes, he totally distracted me. Did you know he wouldn’t even try on the cashmere sweater? I swear,

Suddenly seeming to realize that he still had Lyn in a bear hug, Dom loosened his hold on Lyn. “Anyway, let’s get you out there; I’m sure Bills is in a tizzy looking for you.”

Lyn laughed, “He probably is, the whole knight in shining armor thing doesn’t work if you forget your girlfriend.”

“Well if you’re looking for a replacement for the position, I’m free.” Dom chuckled.

Lyn looked over, “And a fine knight you’d be Dom.”

“You know it baby. I’m the one knight that will hold your hair when you puke yet also molest you when you are in a towel.”

“You didn’t molest me!”

“Not yet anyway.” Dom smiled, but Lyn could see a blush starting on his cheeks.

Lyn laughed uneasily, “Now what’s that supposed to mean? Yet?!”

Dom turned and faced Lyn, “Well you never know what might happen right? Bills said I needed to start dating.”

“Well I’m sure he didn’t mean me!”

Dom leaned in, “Are you sure? You mean, you’re not interested? Not even a little bit?”

Lyn blushed now, and began stuttering, “No!...I mean, you’re attractive and all Dom, …okay, very attractive….it’s just, I’m with Billy, I love Billy….and you’re his friend.”

Dom leaned down closer, “You sure? Could it be that you have something for me that you’re hiding from Bill?”

Lyn could feel his breath on her face now, inches from his lips. She did feel a twinge of excitement, she did feel all electric and tingly, but she didn’t want this. She wanted Billy, she had always wanted Billy, and now that she had him she couldn’t allow Dom to come between them. Lyn had hesitated just a moment, but a moment too long; Dom pushed closer for a kiss, but at the last minute only kissed her cheek. He pulled back laughing.

“Lyn! I was just kidding! You should have seen the look on your face!....Come on, let’s go get Billy….”

Lyn laughed warily, still not sure what the hell Dom’s motives were. She only knew one thing for certain, and that was she was sure that he hadn’t been kidding. Now her question was, just what the hell was going on with Dom.

Dom was wondering the same thing, thankful that he had changed direction at the last minute. He didn’t know what he was doing, why the hell was he baiting his best friend’s girlfriend? And why the hell was he feeling this way about a girl when he had loved Billy for so long? Why the hell was he getting in such a dangerous place here? Together, full of questions, they returned to the lovely Billy.

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