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Those Summer Nights, #4

TITLE: Those Summer Nights
AUTHOR: emaleythe
RATING: R (Language)/ NC17 (later)
SUMMARY: Planning, a house, the confession, partings
CONTENT/WARNING: Some swearing/sexual references
DISCLAIMER: This story is 100% fiction. These events never happened. Lyn is a fictional character based in fact.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: special thanks to Billy and Dom, and to the muse for keep hitting. This story is a continuation of Trial and Error which can be found in emaleythe's memories

The following days went easily, no strange happenings between Lyn and Dom, and Billy seemed oblivious to the thickening tension between the two of them. Lyn concentrated her efforts on not being alone with Dom, as that seemed to be when things would move into the twilight zone. Dom seemed intent on the same goal, always leaving conveniently when it appeared the two may be left together. After the third day of this game of tag, Lyn had finally had enough and decided that she must have been confused after all. Dom wasn’t making sudden advances; in fact, he was being downright mean to her, throwing little barbs at her as if she was just one of the guys. Able to relax after that time, Lyn let down her guard and began to concentrate on Billy instead. Turns out that was exactly what the group needed, especially when Billy finally got his return call from the realtor. Billy burst in to the café where Lyn and Dom had been waiting for him.

“Guys! I got it! I got the house.”

Lyn jumped up and threw her arms around Billy’s neck, “Yay! Now we can move out of the hotel! I’m so happy for you hun!”

Dom soon followed, the three of them jumping in a circle in glee. The fellow café-goers eyed them with interest and smiles. Practically running out of the café, they all left together, skipping down the street and giggling. Billy was all business in the hotel, calling his lawyer to get the papers started, and assigning both Lyn and Dom different jobs of calling up workers for the house.

“Lyn, you call decorators, get their prices and references. Dom, try to find some painters or contract workers.”

Lyn grinned ear to ear; it was so wonderful to be caught up in Billy excitement. His energy was electric, jumping from each of them. Perhaps this is how it would have been to work with him, fed on his optimism and energy as a sun to a solar panel. A never-ending font of tangible force. Lyn found herself swept along. Hours later, Lyn would look up from her phone book perusals to see Billy watching the two of them with a sweet smile on his face. Lyn got up, letting the book drop, and walked over to him.

“Billy? What are you thinking?” Lyn lightly brushed his hair with her fingers.

Billy responded with a deep soft kiss, holding her face in his soft hands, “I’m just so happy. It’s not a light thing to think I’ll finally have a home, all my own…..but I want to share it with my dearest people.”


Billy looked at Lyn with such seriousness and love, that Lyn caught her breath.

“Lyn? Would you want to move in with me? I’d really like you too.”

Lyn was speechless; her only answer was more kisses. Then refreshed by Billy she was able to mutter, “Of course I would!”

Billy chuckled and sighed, “Thank god, I was afraid that you would say no.”

Lyn laughed, “Never, never in a million years.”

By chance, Lyn looked over to see Dom watching them with mouth agape and a mixture of emotions on his face. Billy saw him too, as if he only now remembered Dom was there.

“Dom, of course you’re welcome to stay too, although I’m sure you don’t want to move in.” Billy chuckled.

Ah but Billy that’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted you to ask me to move in. I wanted to be the one that you kissed, not Lyn.

“Don’t be silly Bills, I do have my own place in LA after all, but would love to take you up on the spare room when here. I’m happy for you guys though….Bills couldn’t ask for a better…girl.”

Dom tried to smile, but it came out more of a grimace. Billy didn’t seem to notice, running over to give him a hug. Dom sighed, but threw as much of his body into the hug with Billy. Up started by a woman. I never thought I’d be an afterthought to Bill. Lyn watched the two, disturbed by Dom’s reaction. She had not failed to notice his hitch when he said that Billy couldn’t ask for a better “…girl”. More confused than ever by Dom’s behavior and affections, she silently contemplated. Perhaps it was best that she not know. Knowing that Dom was not only attracted to her, but to Billy as well, probably would have sent her over the edge. Dom was best left as a mystery.

A few days later, Billy left Dom and Lyn at the hotel while he went and signed the papers for the house. Lyn was in the suite packing up their assorted belongings while Dom fiddled with the television.

“How the hell did we ever get so much stuff? And am I gonna find all this shit before we leave here?”

Dom grunted in his corner, not even listening to Lyn’s ramblings.

“Dom, do you know where the cord to the laptop went to? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.”

Dom mumbled something, and Lyn had to come closer to hear it. “What? Did you say something Dom?”

Dom turned off the TV abruptly, slammed down the remote in a huff, and raised his voice, “I said I don’t know where the damn thing is because I
don’t fucking touch it!”

Lyn was taken aback, “What the hell is wrong with you Dom? All I did was ask a question!”

“And all I wanted to do was watch the fucking TV, but it seems that some people won’t shut up long enough to let me.”

“Jesus Dom, get off of it. I’ll leave you alone then, shit!”

Dom put his head down in his hands, sighing, “Sorry Lyn….I’m just a little preoccupied today. I guess you didn’t deserve that…”

Lyn looked at him sideways, “Whatever Dom, you’ve been treating me like shit for days….in fact, ever since the other day in the changing rooms.
I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, but you’d better figure it out.”

Dom blushed, “I don’t even know what the hell is wrong with me. It’s not like it’s been easy for me watching the man I love fall for this crazy wonderful girl. And it’s not been easy for me to find myself also attracted in a sick way to the same girl. It’s crazy, it’s sick. So if I can’t handle it, how the hell are you supposed to?”

Lyn stepped back, “What?... “the man I love”?....You are in love with Billy? ….but then…and attracted to me too?...Dom, you’re crazy. What the hell are you saying?”

Dom walks up to her, “I’m saying I love Billy, but I’m attracted to you too. And I can’t seem to find my happiness with either of you so I’m just torturing myself. And both of you are too insanely happy with each other to even notice me. If ever there was a third wheel, then I would be it.”

Lyn’s head spun, unable to wrap her mind around what Dom was saying. “Do…does Billy know any of this?”

Dom shook his head no, staring intently at her.

Lyn shook her head, “Then….I don’t know Dom. Are you sure you’re not just confused?”

Dom threw back his head and laughed, his voice rising, “Of course I’m confused! Isn’t that fucking obvious? But I’m sure about my feelings for both of you. It’s not like I haven’t tried to hate you, hell, was doing a pretty good job of it when I first got here. But you’re….” Dom shook his head, “Hell, I see why Billy loves you. And as for Billy, there was no help for me from the first moment I saw him. Whether he was dressed in his wig and feet as Pippin, or just tossing some beers with me as Billy, he stole my breath, mind, and heart. Just being around him is like intoxication….”

Dom sat down wearily on the couch, “Shit Lyn….what the hell am I supposed to do? He’ll never love me back, at least not that way….and well, you can’t help loving him….so I’m screwed.”

Dom looked so miserable on the couch, so lost and alone, Lyn sidled up and sat down next to him. “Dom, you aren’t screwed. There will be
someone else. There always is.”

Dom looked up at her tenderly, “Can you really say that? Can you imagine what it would be like to loose Billy? Could you really find someone else?”

Lyn broke her gaze from Dom’s, “I can’t tell you that….I thought I had lost him for awhile. There was no one else for me….”

Dom sighed, “See? I’m screwed, hopelessly in love with the only two people I can’t have.”

Compassionately, Lyn leaned over and kissed Dom lightly on the cheek. Dom turned to face her.

“Lyn, can I kiss you….just once? It won’t mean anything….well at least not for you. I just want to know….want to know what I’m missing.”

Lyn, caught in his eyes, just shook her head yes.

Dom caught the back of her head and cradled it, pulling her slowly to his lips. He kissed her softly, lightly sucking her lower lip into his mouth. Lyn’s head spun. He pressed more firmly, drinking deeper for a moment before pulling away softly with his eyes still closed. He sat for a moment, locking the memory away, locking the emotion away.


Dom snapped his attention to her, “Wow?”

“Now I see what I’m missing.”

Dom was about to respond when Billy barged in, laden with paperwork and coffee. He stopped when he saw the two of them sitting so close with flushed faces.

“Am I interrupting? You guys look weird.”

Lyn and Dom both jumped up guiltily, Dom throwing Lyn a pleading look.

Lyn laughed a strained laugh, “Don’t be silly dear, we were just talking and waiting for you….let me help you with all that.”

Billy willingly let Lyn unburden him, “Well glad you’re both here, we’ve got a lot of planning to do, someone’s got to help me go through these
designs for the house. I’ve got to pick a color scheme and theme tonight and god knows I’m no good at this stuff. So I immediately thought of you two. I’m sure Dom would like nothing better than to cover my house in peacock feathers and cashmere.”

Dom laughed, “Not your house silly, you!”

Lyn laughed along with them, relived to see them down to their own jokes, but watching it all with a different eye now. Now she could see that the way Dom joked with him was in such a tender way, full of love and affection. She knew she would have a hard time keeping this knowledge from Billy, but she wouldn’t be able to ever betray Dom’s trust either. Best to keep quiet, whether or not she rot in hell for it.

They spent most of the night hashing out the main details of paint, flooring, and themes for Billy’s house. Near the end of their hours long planning, Dom excused himself to answer a call on his cell phone. When he came back, his pallor was a little grayer, but he seemed to be more relaxed. Lyn gave him an assuring smile as he returned to the group. Dom sat heavily, and then slapped his hand on the table. Billy looked over at him expectantly.

“Well, I too have some news. It seems that the storms are over, and I’m heading back to filming.” Dom looked over and caught Lyn’s eye.

Billy’s face fell, “Aw, Dom, I was hoping you’d be here to see the house through to the finish. When do you have to leave?”

“Uhm, tomorrow morning. Plane leaves at 7:30.”

“7:30? You’ll never make that flight. I remember having to drag you out of bed every morning for the 4 am makeup calls.”

Dom laughed, “Yeah well, this is one flight I will make. But I guess I’d better take off and pack up. I’ll stop by in the morning though for goodbyes.”

Billy hugged Dom, patting him on the back, “Well mate, you’d better go. Want me to call you in the morning for a wakeup?”

“That’s okay Bills; I’ll use the hotel service. You all keep on working. Lyn don’t let him go all drab in the bathroom okay?”

Lyn smiled, “You can depend on me Dom.”

Billy walked Dom to the door; Lyn sat at the table and let out a huge gust of air. She hadn’t noticed that she had been holding her breath. Something about Dom made her do that. She didn’t have to think it to know it, but she was glad that Dom would be leaving early. Maybe things would get back to normal now. Maybe.

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