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hehehe, fun for me...

well the day has been okay except for one advert occurrance. Went to see Harry Potter today, and I liked it. It seemed really short, the kids were at the end of the school year before I was ready for it, but it was good. It kept all the essential parts of the story, but going from one action packed scene to the next made it seem a lot shallower than the book (yes I'm whining, I know it's not the book, but still). It makes me worried about the other potter books, as they were so deep that I fear that the movies can never do them justice without taken on the task of a LOTR project size.....my mother called yesterday to warn that she didn't like the Dumbledore replacement. She felt he had no presence. While usually I would agree with my mother, I must say that I disagree on this point. I did enjoy him as Dumbledore, he wasn't the original of course, but he took over well I thought. And he did bring in the much needed lighter side of Dumbledore. So bravo, Mr. Michael Gambon.

I've also played a bit on photoshop today, pushed on by the urging of a friend. For anyone who may take offense, I am sorry, I just was having a little fun. You may see the finished project here.
and here

and the aberrant time of the day, got a call from the ex-wife today wanting to know why I was taking notes when we came to pick up austin. I was all like, what the hell are you talking about? Turns out her mother told her I was taking notes. REALITY: I got out of the car with checkbook and pen in hand, I was balancing the checkbook. insanity, in a word.
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