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Broken Pieces

for some reason, while at work, this song came on and grabbed me....I think it reminds me of Jason and I....*sigh*....

Broken pieces everywhere,
I stilled my mind, and found I care
Running on the morning tide,
Something you would say to me.

We drank the waters of delight,
We played the games of wrong and right.
Did we understand
They're just footsteps in the sand?

Oh long dreaming, find my tears
I could love you, all the years.
There are times like today
The wind will blow in a gentle way.

Mark it down in frozen glass
Lied to me that i could win.
So many ways to share a love
With words and touch we promised much.

Do we understand
The footsteps in the sand?

I believe.
I believe too easily.

I believe.
I believe too easily.

Oh long dreaming find my tears
I could love you all the years.
Here I stand still the same
I guess this showcase changed the name.

Hard to know who plays the fool,
Never looking back on years
I wonder now which way to face
I catch a vision of this place.

Did we understand
The footsteps in the sand?
Tags: random thoughts, relationship, stuff to avoid

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