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I need advice....

Okay....so for a long time I've wanted to be in the position to take a job as a crisis counselor/coordinator or victim advocate. Based on my experiences, the people in these jobs tend to be the one person that people who find themselves to be victims can depend on. I think that my experiences with all the systems would be a real benefit. I was doing a job search today and found an open position for a victim advocate in Bowling Green (about 35 mins away). The only thing that I don't have is "1 yr experience with domestic violence and crisis intervention" but I believe my experience as an apartment manager playing counselor, fight-breaker, etc as well as dealing with the domestic violence and crisis issues as they arrise should count.....So my question to you is this:

Poll #306525 Should I apply for the job as the Victim Advocate?

Should I apply?

yes, but don't get your hopes up
no, are you crazy?

Do you think it will matter that I do not have the one years experience mentioned above?

yes, but it's worth a shot anyway
no, but who knows I could be crazy
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