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And now for a taste of me

How to make a emaleythe

3 parts success

5 parts courage

5 parts energy
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of fitness


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

my response? AHAHAHAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAA...fitness *snort* energy? *giggle insanely*....well that is ema's afterall, let's check out my real name....
How to make a susan

1 part pride

5 parts brilliance

1 part ego
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add emotion to taste! Do not overindulge!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

well, hmm....i like the last part "do not overindulge" ....i've been trying to tell catherine that for a while, she just won't believe that she will get sick of me

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