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Just watched lost...

I have chills, that show is going to be fucking awesome! I will so not miss a single episode! Thank god they picked it up!

my largest question, why the hell was she a prisoner? gah, can't wait till september for some answers
2. 16 freaking years? where on earth could someone be stuck for 16 yrs that someone couldn't come across their path. I mean we're talking not only rescue crews, but explorers, scientists, the random thrill seekers....come on?
3. Where the hell are they?
4. WTF with the polar bear?
5. OMG, the damn marshall is alive!!!
6. Charlie is fucking adorably daft.
7. Who else wants to know the secret the old man told the boy? I was totally getting pedophile tones in that....
8. Vincent please come back to the boy!

feel free to give thoughts, I'm totally wanting to talk about the show

Edit: totally gonna watch Lost again right now!
Edit2: just noticed on the second showing that Dom is wearing the infamous bracelets in the show....how curious and curiouser
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