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Those Summer Nights part 7

TITLE: Those Summer Nights
AUTHOR: emaleythe
RATING: R (Language)/ NC17
SUMMARY: the premiere, the party, the fall
CONTENT/WARNING: Some swearing/sexual references
DISCLAIMER: This story is 100% fiction. These events never happened. Lyn is a fictional character based in fact.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: special thanks to Billy and Dom, and to the muse for keep hitting. This story is a continuation of Trial and Error which can be found in emaleythe's memories (including the first 6 parts of Those Summer Nights)

Oh the red carpet. For once, Lyn was happy to fade into the shadows as Billy went through the cue, smiling and waving. She was thankful that he was not staring in this particular movie, as the line would be longer. She did her few obligatory pictures with Billy, to otherwise be listed as “Billy Boyd and date” before she disappeared into the building. She tried to be nonchalant while waiting for Billy but peered around anxiously for familiar faces, in particular Dom and Elijah. She couldn't hold down the nervous excitement of seeing Dom again, things had been so silent between the two of them for months. Billy would mention getting a call from time to time, and she would ply him with questions on what he had said.

It came as no surprise when she saw Dom enter in a typical “too cool for myself” fashion, laughing loudly to Elijah’s whisperings.

“You two look like you’re conspiring, hope its something good.”

Dom caught Lyn’s eyes with a smile, “Lyn! God you look good!”

“Yeah, I clean up well, eh? You don’t look too shabby yourself.”

Dom hugged her with one arm and slapped a kiss on her cheek.

“Billy still outside working the queue?”

Lyn nodded, “Uh huh, think he’s starting to take your advice and get the crowd worked up. Although he’s still not playing to all the women.”

“Fool of a Boyd. Ah well, there is only one sexy hobbit, after all.”

“I much doubt that…..So, this is Elijah.”

Elijah kind of started from his people watching.

“Yes, hi. Nice to meet you, I’ve heard so much from Billy and Dom.”

“Good things I hope!”

Elijah glanced over at Dom who gave a cheesy grin and blushed, “Of course, only good things, and you’re even lovelier than they said.”

Lyn laughed, “Now that, I doubt.”

Billy sauntered in through the doors, Lyn waved him over. Billy kissed first Dom, then Elijah, clapping the latter on the back.

“My boys, how are you? Good to be back together. I see you found Lyn. Doesn’t she look fantastic tonight?”

Lyn laughed, “You’ve been saying that all night Mr. Boyd, I’m starting to wonder what you want.”

“Nothing more than your love dear, plus I’m buttering you up so that you’ll want to stay later at the party tonight.”

“Ha ha! I knew there was an ulterior motive.” Lyn leaned over and gave Billy a quick kiss.

He smiled at her, locking his arm around her waist.

“Alright, break it up you two! Let’s go find some seats before we miss the credits.”

The movie, despite the rave reviews that the journalists would be typing up tomorrow for the American public, was another pathetic excuse for Hollywood’s biggest and brightest to slap together a familiar plot in a bad fashion. Lyn yawned her way through most of it, trying not to fall asleep on Billy’s arm. Billy fell into a slump in a similar manner, bored. All four of the crew were only cheered by the lights coming back on. Like magic, the four managed to pop on their standard smiles and give thumbs up to the principle characters before proceeding like cattle through the lines. Once out into the LA evening air, Lyn stretched her arms and then flung them around Billy’s neck. He turned and nuzzled her ear, humming to himself.

Lyn smiled selfishly, and happened to glance over at Dom. He was totally engrossed in the two of them, hungrily watching their affections. Elijah noticed as well, nudging Dom with his elbow. Lyn felt chilled, so Dom’s told Elijah. Billy, noticing that Lyn froze, looked up and caught the exchange. He furrowed his brows and gave glances to each of the trio.

“Ok, what? What’s wrong with everyone?”

Lyn laughed, “Nothing hun, we’re just all stupid and standing here. Didn’t I hear something about a party that we’re supposed to be going to?”

Billy was not to be swayed so easily, and he shrugged Lyn’s arms off his shoulder.

“Hold on, you are all acting very strangely, and I want to know why.”

Elijah shrugged and looked at Dom. Dom looked away for a moment, but then looked up with the most serious expression.

“Bills, ….. I just missed you is all. Lyn caught me staring at you guys, and Elijah was trying to get me to snap out of it.”

Billy still looked wary and confused, believing the answer, but still disturbed. “I still think something’s not right, but we’ll go ahead and get to the party. I’ll drag it out of one of you guys eventually.”

Lyn reached down to grab Billy’s hand and was surprised to see him consider it before grabbing hold. He had to think about it, he never did that before. Elijah tried to lighten the mood by gabbing on about how great this party would be, but the other three fell into sorts. He only managed to direct them together into a cab, and off they went.

The party was nowhere near fantastic to Lyn’s eyes. She had been here for two hours, lightly sipping a vodka tonic, watching the guys hobnob and proceed to get smashed. She scanned the room, eyes drifting over the numerous aged media whores, all trying to get laid by the largest star. She spotted Elijah in a corner, obviously smoozing over some young girls, who were star-eyed and giggling at his every word. Over by the bar, Billy was drinking his preferred malt-whiskey over a conversation with some up-coming director. Dom, however, was nowhere to be seen. Lyn decided to join the crowd, and downed the rest of her tonic, and walked over to the bar for a refill. While waiting, she heard the familiar laugh of Dom behind her left shoulder. She twisted around, resting her elbows on the bar.

Dom was up in the air, being spun around by a monster of a man, laughing like a loon. The crowd around him was cheering for some sort of a wrestling move. The big man, finally flipped Dom down onto the floor, where he lay gasping for air. Dom grinned charmingly and then jumped back up, clapping his assailant on the back before jogging over to where Lyn was.

“Did you see that? God that was the best!”

Lyn laughed, “Who was that? What were you doing?”

Dom looked over her shoulder, “You mean you don’t know who that was?”

When she shook her head no, Dom explained, “That beautifully large man was a professional wrestler, they call him Hillbilly Jim. In fact, I think he’s from your home state, Kentucky. You haven’t heard of him?”

Lyn laughed, “No, but I don’t watch wrestling. Why was he spinning you around?”

Dom grinned, “Cause I bet him that a hobbit could take him down any day….and well, I was wrong.”

Lyn laughed, “You silly fool. You’ve been drinking too much.”

“Or not enough.”

They grinned at each other. Lyn looked up to see the bartender finally bringing her drink.

“Finally, didn’t think it took that long for a vodka tonic!”

She reached out to grab hold of the drink, but Dom grabbed a hold of her wrist.

“Dom! What the hell?”

Dom looked down at her wrist, then back up to her eyes.

“You’re wearing them.”

“Yes, aren’t I supposed to?”

“Depends. Did you find out what they meant?”

Lyn thought about it, hearing Corra in her head, “Hmmm…well, about that. I heard one thing about what they could possibly mean, but…”

Dom winked, “Uh huh….and that was?”

Lyn blushed, “The whole dom-submissive thing?”

Dom nodded slowly.

“But then, why did you give them to me?”

Dom quirked his eyebrow, “Don’t you know?...Come on Lyn, make the connections. Don’t you want to be dominated? Think how nice it would be….and if you could convince Billy, you could have both of us at the same time. Totally out of control.”

“But…I thought you wanted Billy?”

“Uh huh….”

“Dom, you’re drunk.”

Dom laughed lowly, his hand creeping up her arm to grab her hand, “I do, but you don’t think that he wouldn’t get caught up in it all do you? When he could dominate both of us…have us both…each of us, having the others….”

Lyn felt a blush start low and creep its way up her body; she was unable to say anything, because yes, that is what she wanted. Both of them, the three together. Lyn’s thoughts were interrupted by a sudden feeling of being watched. She looked up and across from her on the other side of the bar was Billy, watching both of them intently. Meeting her eyes, his face looked so confused and betrayed. Lyn opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Dom looked to where she was staring and saw Billy. He let go of Lyn’s hand in shock. Billy noted that move as well, then got up slowly and walked away.

Lyn grabbed her drink and thirstily downed it. Her head was spinning, but it wasn’t from the alcohol. She felt, no knew, that Billy had seen the whole exchange, and that even if he couldn’t hear and couldn’t possibly know what was going on, he knew something was wrong. Dom sat down heavily on the stool beside her, head bowed, looking guilty.

Lyn looked at him lost, close to a frenzied point. Dom began to speak with his head down, softly at first, then loud enough for her to hear.

“Lyn, I’m sorry. I don’t know why I keep doing this. Elijah told me….I promised myself I wouldn’t do this again. God! Someone has to go talk to Billy; I think it should be me.”

“No! I can’t let you do that, let me handle it. I’m going to go over there and tell him something I should have told him long ago.”

Dom looked up worriedly, “What? What are you going to tell him?”

Lyn sighed, “I’m going to tell him that I kissed you in Glasgow, going to tell him that I love him, and that it will never happen again.”

Dom closed his eyes, “That will never work. I know Bills, he won’t understand.”

“Well, if he doesn’t, then I will just have to deal with that, won’t I?”

Dom shook his head, “No, don’t do it, it’s a bad idea, let me take care of it, okay?”

Lyn got up, put her hands on Dom’s shoulders, “No, this is something I must do. You do what you have to after that. For what it’s worth Dom, I know Billy loves you, and I think I could have to.”

With that, Lyn walked away to face her jury. She found Billy staring out a window, silent. Lyn stepped lightly up to him, placing her hand on his arm.


He turned to look at her, pain streaking his eyes with a green color she had yet to see.

“Have you slept with him?”

Lyn shook her head “no”, “Of course not, nothing like that.”

“Then what?”

Lyn took a deep breath and forced herself to look out the window while she talked. “Back in Glasgow, on Dom’s last night, we were talking…and well, I kissed him. Just once, but I know that’s enough. Things have been weird between Dom and I from the beginning for many different reasons. But that one kiss was it….and I didn’t know how to tell you. I’m sorry.”

Billy took a deep breath. “Only one kiss?”

Lyn whispered, “Yes.”

“Still,” Billy ran his hand through his hair, “I suppose that’s enough though….I can’t believe….”

“I mean…Lyn, how could you? With my best friend?”

Lyn hung her head, shamed. “I know, I know….and kept hoping I would wake up and it would all be a dream, but it never was….if I could take it
back I would. But it’s so complicated…”

Billy pressed his forehead to the glass.

“She didn’t act alone there though Bill. And none of it was her fault.”

Billy turned seeing Dom had walked up.

“What are you talking about Dom? Are you saying you did this? On purpose?”

“Well I wouldn’t say on purpose, but yes, I was…am at fault.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Dom, you don’t have to do this.” Lyn protested.

“Yes I do. Look, if we’re going to be honest, let’s all be honest. Billy, I came to Glasgow, and I tried to make her mad, wanted her to leave you….”

“What?! Dom, …” Billy interrupted.

“Let me finish Bill. Like I said, at first, I wouldn’t give her a chance, ….but then, well, you know. Lyn’s great, beautiful, everything you said she was….and I started to feel differently about her. So I pressured her a lot, kept putting the moves on her. At first I told myself I was testing her affections for you, making sure she was honest….and by God, Bills, she was….but then….we talked, and I began to understand what was wrong….I liked Lyn, that’s true, but I always knew the truth about you.”

“Dom, what are you saying?”

“Didn’t you ever wonder why I never had a girlfriend Bills? Why I hardly dated? I’ve known since the first time I saw you….I may like Lyn, but Billy, I love you.”

Billy’s mouth flew open, reeling.

Dom continued, “And when I told Lyn that, that I wanted you both, she felt such compassion, …..well I asked if I could just kiss her, just once….and she said yes, for whatever reason. That’s all Bills. She’s guilty of nothing but loving you too much.”

Billy stumbled back a few steps, “Dom, do you know what you’re saying?”

“Of course I do, don’t you think I haven’t tried to explain it away some other way?”

Billy sat down, “I don’t understand. I mean, I love you too Dom, of course, but not like that.” He looked at Lyn, “And you knew all this, and didn’t tell me? I just…..don’t know.”

He sat for a moment, looking wildly at the floor, then bolted up out of the chair, “I’ve got to get out of here!”

Lyn tried to call after him as he ran out the door, and she started to follow him when Dom grabbed her arms, holding her back.

“Dom, let go of me! I have to get him.”

Dom shook his head, “Let him go. Let him go.”

Lyn shook herself free, and felt the tears building up in her eyes, “Why did you have to tell him all that? Why Dom, why?”

Dom leaned in to her, “I had to, you’re right, he had to know. I thought I could help.”

“By telling him the extent he’s been lied to and betrayed?! Oh yeah, brilliant plan…..oh, god, what am I going to do? I can’t have lost him again…please no…” And with that, Lyn dissolved.

Dom pulled her to him, dealing with his own loss. Elijah came behind, bearing silent witness.

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