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a different sort of list....

I've been thinking over my current relationship a lot lately. I suppose that happens from time to time. And well, I've been giving myself and getting from others a lot of flack for staying in the relationship, so much that sometimes I wonder why I ever got in it. Perhaps I bitch too much, because I end up forgetting all the nice things that Jason does provide for me. Things that I haven't had in other relationships. So I thought today I'd make a new kind of list, a list of things I wouldn't change about this relationship or my partner:

1. He holds my hand in bed when we're falling asleep every night.
2. He does nuzzle and kiss that little spot on my neck that makes me melt.
3. He does this little funny dance to make me laugh, including an extended version of the baby dance from Ally McBeal, which with his shaved head is hysterical.
4. He fixes my car when it won't work.
5. He brings home chocolate.
6. He will lay his head in my lap when watching tv.
7. He'll tell me silly stories about what my cat says.
8. He loves his son.
9. He picks me four leaf clovers constantly.
10. He always will hug me.
11. Public displays of affection are fine by him.
12. He makes me cds of music he knows I love, and then makes a personalized label.
13. He downloads all my favorite fandoms, without me asking.
14. He tries really hard to please me in the bedroom, even doing things he doesn't like.
15. He'll ask me if I want anyone beat up for treating me badly.
16. He always wants me to go with him places, which forces me to get out of my hobbit hole.
17. He likes to explore.
18. He likes adventures.

I know, short list, but as I notice more things, I'm going to add to it.
Tags: about me, funny shit to make me laugh, happy family, relationship
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