looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
looking for the exit

Lost, but not forgotten....

Here it has been months since last talking to people who kept my sanity up, and now, after writting one journal, they have remembered me, with kind words and wonderings where I've been. Thank you Royko and Devvie. I have not forgotten you guys, only forgotten where to find you on irc, and wandering lost in times of severe trials and tribulations. The darkness that takes us all has me firm in it's grasp. Nothing will shake it during the "holidays". I miss your comforts and your cheerful topics....I miss you guys, and want to find you! I wonder most about you dev, I wonder how it's all been for you....I love you two, and all the rest I will not name. Bless you! and may we merry meet again.
Tags: about me, flist love

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